The Croatian Dok-Ing XD Electric Car

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Among all the misplaced fears of hybrids, electric cars, and other alt forms of transportation there can be some rational concerns that get over looked. For example, check out the Dok-Ing XD Electric Car. Sure, in a lot of ways, it looks like a typically half-baked idea of what an electric car looks like (small, cramped, ugly etc.), but the real kick is that it’s Croatian.

So, was Croatia the part of (the former) Yugoslavia that was bombed flat, or where they the guys doing the shelling? I can’t remember. Yugoslavia was convoluted and confusing enough before the whole region went ape-crazy, but now it feels like I need a Master’s degree just to think about it.

Anyway, a Croatian company has decided to get into the EV game. The sources say that the Dok-Ing XD could become another solid competitor in the electric vehicle market.

Dok-Ing says that the XD will carry three people and have a range of over 145 miles traveling at typical at city speeds. They also say that the XD can be charged using a typical outlet at your home or via a fast charging system. Using the fast charger “filling up” the Dok-Ing XD will take as little as one hour.

2010 dok ing xd concept rear 3 21

Price? Dok-Ing says that the initial cost of the XD is estimated to be around $40,000. But the company has plans to reduce the price to the vicinity of $26,000 when mass production begins for the XD starts up.

The company also said that they are currently seeking additional funding to build the car. Aye, there’s the rub, isn’t it? Dok-ing says that the cash may come from the Croatian government (naturally) or from a shareholder system that would allow private investors outside of Croatia to take over the company (hopes and dreams?).

If the funding end of things does come together (and with all things like this, that is a big if) the relatively long range and low price tag (one the car reaches mass production) should appeal to many prospective green buyers.

Source: AutoBlogGreen

  1. First look and I thought it was a toy car. But at second look I didn’t mind it. It’s that sort of futuristic look that you see in the films and it actually makes me think that the future is ‘here’, if you know what I mean. The three seat idea isn’t too bad either and I’ve read that it has a bit of grunt too.

    Cudo’s to Croatia for designing such a car, would like to see more of this from other countries of the former iron curtain. By the way, it was the Croats who were getting bombed flat and you’d need to have a doctorate not a masters to know what the heck was going on with Yugoslavia!! haha

  2. From

    The mastermind behind the first Croatian electric car will soon embark on the construction of Croatia’s first car manufacturing factory.

    Vjekoslav Majetic is currently in the final stages of negotiations with a foreign investor, after which he will disclose the details of the new factory to the public. He had said earlier that some 150 to 200 million Euros were needed to start up the serial production of the electrical car XD.

    The factory is expected to release its first car by May 2012, the portal Business writes.

    The company has chosen the Sibenik Podi trade area as the site to build the future factory since it fulfils the "zero CO2" conditions.

    "Since we are in the business of making ecologically clean cars, it would be senseless to link some industrial zone that pollutes the environment to such a product," the Dok-ing Automotiv Director Tomislav Bosko has said.

    "There are already renewable sources of energy in Podi – for example, windmills," Bosko said, adding that it is this kind of a background that will make their product recognizable on the market.

  3. Croatia was the country being bombarded for 5 years.Until Croatia freed itself from Serbia.Serbia was bombed by NATO.Croatia has always had lot of inventors.

  4. Here’s a shot of the real car:

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