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Tesla Model X On Track for 2013 Launch, Unveil Next month

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Tesla has proclaimed 2012 to be the “Year of the Model S.” If everything goes right, the Model S will begin production this year in Fremont, California. A successful launch of the car is imperative for Tesla. Unlike the Roadster, this is a make-or-break for the company. You can’t be losing money on a car when you’re selling thousands a year.

Tesla maintains they will be able to easily hit their targets, and is looking forward to new additions to the product line. If Tesla is really going to be a player in the automotive industry, it will need to have more than one model. A crossover is Tesla’s next frontier. Tesla has confirmed it will be hold a company event on February 9th where it will launch the launching the Model X..


Last we heard, the Model X would be shown before January, with a public debut at the North American International Auto Show. It has been shown – just not to the public. Furthermore, a NAIAS launch has been scrapped. That was never confirmed by Tesla, so it was just hearsay. Most likely they opted for their own event so it wouldn’t get lost in the shuffle of debuts. The Model X is an important part of Tesla’s plans in the future. It will help to increase economies of scale for the Model S, as it shares the same platform and many components.

People who have seen the Model X describe it as a premium product “faster than a 911, with more space than an Audi Q7.” Hopefully, more space means a truly comfortable third-row, like we have whined endlessly about no manufacturer truly offering. The February 9th event has been confirmed by Tesla. The plan is to launch the Model X in late 2013, which means Tesla will likely open the order books soon. Expect the car to be shown in near-production form. Color us excited.