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Tesla Model S Scheduled for June 22nd Delivery

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There is a lot of satisfaction in proving the naysayers wrong. So far, Tesla has done just that. The Model S is moving forward full-speed ahead for a production launch one month ahead of schedule.

Tesla has just announced the beginning of a countdown – one month from today the first Model S is scheduled to be delivered to customers. The gleaming former NUMMI factory in Fremont, California is gearing up for full production. The first production body for customer delivery was recently completed (see image above).


Tesla is a true product of Silicon Valley – technology is at the forefront of the experience. The whole aim with the Model S is to produce a different (and they say better) car than ever before.That different approach is carrying through to personalization options. Today new details have been released that enhance the package. One of them is a regenerative braking option, enabling you to select “Standard” or “Low”. Regenerative braking is one of the major differences in the driving experience of electric and hybrid vehicles. When you take your foot of the accelerator, there is a bit of a pullback (similar to downshifting) as the car turns motion into energy. For some it is a welcomed thing; others an annoyance. One caveat though; on low you have the less range. Adjustability isn’t just down to the regen though; it includes steering and suspension options.

For the steering, you can select from Comfort, Standard and Sport. The ride height also has options for Very High, High, Standard and Low. Nifty. Also, every Tuesday until June 22nd be sure to check out “Inside Tesla.” There, they will reveal different aspects of the manufacturing process each week. On launch day, there will also be a celebratory employee event and a delivery ceremony streamed live on We can’t wait!

  1. Nice Aston Martin. I would kill to be able to own one of these Aston Martins they looks awesome!

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