Surfs Up: Fisker Debuts Surf Shooting Brake at Frankfurt


Last month, we reported on a new Fisker debut scheduled for the Frankfurt Motor Show. Sources at What Car? described it as a “mix between a sporty estate and SUV.” Crossover? Nope. Try a four-door shooting brake.

It seemed highly unlikely that Fisker had an all-new model ready to roll out so quickly; maybe a concept but not a production vehicle. Fisker has now taken the covers off the Surf, a new addition to its lineup. It is based on the Karma, but focuses on increasing luggage capacity, an area clearly lacking on the current model.


At just 7.1 cubic feet, we can see why prospective buyers were wanting more. The rakish design of the Karma isn’t the most space efficient. Add in difficulties of packaging a four-cylinder Ecotec engine, electric components and lithium ion battery; it makes for a tight squeeze.

Depending on configuration, Surf can increase luggage capacity up to 29.0 cubic feet. Surf is an interesting name; whether it will be Karma Surf or just Surf we don’t know for sure. The reason behind that name though is due to the ability to put a surf board either on top of the vehicle, or inside. Clever.

The Surf makes sense in a few different ways; an important part of Fisker’s strategy with the Karma is European sales. In Europe, wagons and hatchbacks are the dominant sellers. The Surf should increase penetration for Fisker in markets where this style of vehicle is prevalent. That the Surf was rolled out so quickly is testament to the fact that Fisker is really listening to customers and is focused on growing sales. The Surf is set to go on sale in July 2012, at a small price premium over the Karma sedan. Weight is increased by just 77 pounds over the Karma, and all fundamentals remain unchanged. Check out Fisker’s stunning photography of the Karma in our gallery below.