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Spray Nine Review Part II: Tackling The Old Toaster Oven

Spray Nine did a great job on the bulldozer, but now for the real test. You would think that the dirtiest thing to clean around my property would be my bulldozer. No. It’s my toaster oven. That’s right; my shop appliance.

I had to obtain special permission from my wife to bring my workshop toaster oven in her pristine kitchen. It was for contrast, you understand. The last time I cleaned it was never. I figured that not too many unwanted things survive when I stick yesterday’s last slice of pizza in and crank it up to 350 degrees for 10 minutes.

But the exterior makes my wife roll her eyes every time she sees the thing. Yeoser. If ever there was a job for Spray Nine, this is it. Spray Nine’s primary agent is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Science Foundation. Their products tackle the toughest grease, grime, stains, and bacteria without the use of bleach or corrosive chemicals.

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Completing The Task

I admit I had my doubts before tackling this chore. Again, look at the photos. Spray Nine worked beyond my expectations! And that lemony freshness. Sweet. The added benefit in using Spray Nine was that I didn’t have to stand around and be drumming my fingers on the counter while it did its thing. It started working right away – talk about maximum results with minimum effort.

Now, I can tell which brand of toaster oven I own. Where did I put that box of pop tarts? I want to heat up some in my clean oven.

“Frankly, Maude, I fancy myself going around in a trench coat coming to the rescue of people struggling with cleaning,” I said.

Mr. Spray Nine

Let’s say I come up to a lunch lady in a non-descript cafeteria. Perspiration is dripping from her brow as she huffs and puffs, trying to clean the spaghetti sauce splattered all over the wall and stove. We all know that men sweat and ladies perspire. Picture me, if you will, swinging the coat open to reveal an assortment of Spray Nine bottles.

“Yes, Maude, I’m wearing pants,” I reassured her.

“Well, I picture her enjoying a cup of tea while you’re doing the cleaning. Time to get back to reality, uncle Mikey,” my Maude chimes in.

“Alright, Maude,” I replied.

The reality is that Spray Nine is tough on grease and tough on any mess. I can appreciate a heavy duty cleaner that is as tough as I am when it comes to getting the job done.



After the bulldozer and toaster oven experiment, I’m back into the Spray Ninefold with renewed enthusiasm for cleaning. I’ve got a whole list of things that need attention, starting with grandma’s teeth.

Well, maybe not.

In addition to Spray Nine’s Heavy-Duty Cleaner, Degreaser, and Disinfectant, they offer an entire line of cleaning products. They even have a fireplace cleaner, which I could use now before winter sets in. Spray Nine is the most versatile and effective heavy duty cleaner available, defining what it means to be tough on grime, grease, and germs. Don’t believe it? Take the Spray Nine Challenge. You’ll receive a $3.00 coupon – if you are one of the first 500 to sign up, you will receive a free Spray Nine sample bottle.

See what Spray Nine Heavy Duty can do for you.

Michael Bellamy is the author of our Memory Lane series. He enjoys driving his 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC and his 2001 Ford F150 7700.

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