NISMO vs Wingsuit

Sponsored Video: NISMO 370Z vs. Wingsuit BASE Jumper

Can’t get enough of the high-action Top Gear-style “fast car vs something else” races?

Nissan just put out this cool video of Peter Pyzera – winner of Nissan’s awesome GT Academy in 2012 (now in its fifth season) – facing up against wingsuit pro Dave Barlia in the Swiss Alps.

Set in Switzerland’s Susten Pass, they start at the top, only to race down the pass 4,501 ft down. Barlia hits speeds of 130 mph, measured by Nissan’s new Jukeride biometric and telematics data analysis tool, measuring stuff like heart and breath rate, skin temperature, and so on.

Check out the video:

Seriously, could there possibly be a cooler job than either one of them?

Let us know in the comments what you think of the video, and how much you’d kill to get one of these jobs.

In the mean time, check out the two behind the scenes videos of the making of this video:

Behind the Scenes 1

Behind the Scenes 2

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