SpadaConcept Codatronca

SpadaConcept Codatronca

Just say it: “SpadaConcept Codatronca” Fun to say, isn’t it?

Styled by SpadaConcept – an Italian design house, and tuned by UK Garage, the SpadaConcept Codatronca is very uniquely styled. If the name sounds familiar, SpadaConcepts designed the Aston Martin DB4.

Also, you may see some similarities to the Alfa Romeo T2, like the spine or the “Kamm Tail Coda Tronca” (that’s where they got the name.) Keep reading for much more.

SpadaConcept Codatronca rear 1

You can tell from the front styling that the car was built from a Corvette. As such, it uses the Corvette’s V8 7.0L engine and has three different model types; the 512 horsepower TS, the 513hp TSV, and the 700hp TSS, capable of reaching a top speed of 208mph and running the 0-60 in only 2.7sec. Be prepared to drop $300,000+ on this Italian bat-mobile.

There are some really bizarre design features on this car. The rear of the car, for example, has a digital speedometer for everyone to see. So you can either show off how fast you are going to friends or fellow commuters or have a big sign on your back for cops. That is one speeding ticket that would be hard to get out of.