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Tell Your Car’s Story with a New Social Network: DripThat

There’s definitely no shortage of social networks out there as each tries to capture a bit of the content creation and sharing.

When it comes to social image sharing, I tend to get a little bit confused. You can pin something on Pinterest, tweet it on Twitter, post it to Facebook, snap it on Snapchat, or hipster filter it on Instagram. You can even Tumbl it or blog about it. Just yesterday I had a long conversation with my girlfriend about why she Instagrams her photos instead of whatever else’s them, and she gave her reasons (mostly about filtering the crap & overload), proving everyone has their preference.

But regardless of a person’s preference for sharing the photos they take, it all comes down to one thing: sharing a photo or video with your friends or followers.

So what makes DripThat different than any of the others? Read on to find out…

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DripThat’s signature feature is that you can create “drips” – a series of pictures or videos (similar to an album) that you get to stagger, so your followers don’t get information overload, which can lead to them ignoring it completely. Makes sense, considering that’s one of the issues currently facing image sharing services.

So let’s say you’re on a road trip and take a crapload of photos (please use your discretion – just because you find it interesting doesn’t mean everyone will). You can stagger the photos to only “drip” once an hour, once a day, once every few days, whatever.

Or that new car build. Let’s say you’re been taking photos of it all along but don’t want to dump the whole gallery on everyone at once. Create a new drip with all whatever-hundred photos in it and set to drip one photo every 4 hours or so. If your followers are interested (seriously, don’t blame them if they aren’t that interested in your “sweet new wheelz”) they can follow along and see your progress.

“Dripthat allows you to combine photos and videos in a single drip, sequencing them to create an experience or tell a story like never before.”

dripthat iconDrips can be shared publicly, just with certain friends, or with groups you’ve created.

I could see people using this in some interesting and creative ways. For example, let’s say someone is really good at breaking down how-tos into 15-minute intervals. Think Instructables-style. They could drip detailed images or short videos every 15 or 20 minutes to lead the follower along the process.

As for me? I made a Badass Car Spotting drip. I started with the photos I already had on my phone (example – the Lamborghini Diablo I spotted in London’s Camden Town last year), and will continue to update as I see more. The nice part about the drip is that if I happen to come across a Ferrari rally or something, you won’t get all 2 million of the images at once – they’ll be dripped out every few hours so you get to see the glory of all that rosso corsa red over time.

Will DripThat catch on as a new popular social image sharing platform? Just like all social networks, it’s anyone’s call. But it does offer enough of a unique feature set to make it a contender in, at the very least, a prominent niche space.

Want to download DripThat to check it out? Well, it’s kind of in beta at the moment but the first version of the iOS app just went live on the App Store so go download and check it out before anyone else. Don’t worry Android users, the app is coming your way soon.