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Download a New Parts App, Win a Free Smartphone!

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Standard Motor Parts (SMP) has just launched a new app and they’re giving away a crapload of free stuff for checking it out. I’ll explain what the app is and what I think of it, then keep reading for info on the contest.

What’s this app all about?

SMP App IconThe idea here is to streamline parts buying from multiple manufacturers, and not only aims to make finding the right parts for your ride easier, but also make the installation and identification a smoother process. You can search by car make and model as any site or app will let you, but you can also search by engine (super useful for engine swapped cars) and scan or enter your VIN to find which parts will fit your car, and also scan the UPC of a part to find its information.

Once you’ve found the part you’ve looking for, the SMP app gives you pictures, product information and specs, installation instructions, videos, features and benefits, and even related parts. You can save the part for future reference, and so on. You might be thinking “this sounds like an ad for the app”. Well, that’s because:

Disclosure: This article is sponsored by Standard Motor Parts, Inc. All views and opinions expressed here are my own. Check out our advertising guidelines to see why we’d never steer you wrong.

So having gotten that out of the way and to make sure I don’t steer you wrong, I downloaded and played around with the app myself. Check out this quick overview video about the app instead of reading a bunch of words:

YouTube video

SMP App Screens
So you probably get the idea.

As I said, I downloaded the app myself and had a play-around with it. On thing I like about the app is its simplistic and minimal design and functionality. Under the “Just the Facts” button you get guides about testing sensors and other parts to familiarize yourself with what does what. Especially helpful on older cars. And there are quite a few guides. I searched for parts for my 1990 Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo and found pretty much anything I’d need for basic maintenance of my car. While I wasn’t able to specify the engine (TT or N/A), some parts specified which engine they’re for.

What I didn’t find was how to actually buy the part. I imagine this’ll be corrected in future versions of the app, but needless to say that would be pretty helpful.

If you’re doing some work on your car, no matter what level you’re at, this free app is going to come in handy.

So how do I win stuff?

Well first, here are the prizes on offer:

  • First Prize(s): 3 Samsung Galaxy Note® 4 Phones
  • Second Prize(s): 20 iPod Touch(s)®
  • First 500 Entrants will receive a free SMP Parts App Portable Phone Charger

Not bad, eh? So to enter, head over to the SMP App Page to download the free app, then just enter to win! If you share on your Facebook and Twitter pages you’ll receive more entries, natch.

The contest runs until March 31, 2015, so hurry up and enter to win.

Also make sure to let us know what you think of the app after you download it – companies rely on customer feedback for improving their products.