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Saab Fans Donate To Save Last 2013 Saab 9-3 Griffin

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Saab devotees are a loyal bunch. The crew at Saabs United has kept tabs on every development surrounding the future of the Saab brand. So far they’ve made phone calls, flooded General Motors’ Facebook page and organized an effort to save the Saab Museum. Out of nowhere, Saab’s administrators announced all the vehicles in the historic collection would be auctioned off. This included cars of historical value.

They made up a list of the most valuable in the group, with the intention of purchasing them for a future museum. Thankfully, the City of Trollhattan (tourist revenue!) and SAAB AB (the airplane manufacturer) along with The Wallenberg Foundation coughed up the $4 million needed to purchase the collection of 120 vehicles.

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In March, the museum reopened to the public. When Saab production stopped last year, many cars were still left on the line. Slowly they are being completed. One of them was a Saab 9-3 Griffin; the very last one to ever be produced. It is scheduled to be finished off at the end of May. Saabs United has rallied fans to give enough money to purchase the car. A deal has been worked out with Saab’s administrators to reserve the car. Following that, SU intends to place the car in the recently-saved Saab Museum.

The amount needed to purchase the car is 28,500 euros (about $37,500). Currently they have raised about 20,000 Euros (about $26,249 USD at current exchange rates) with nearly 16 days left. If the amount needed to purchase the 9-3 isn’t hit, the funds will be donated to the Saab Museum. Want to donate? Head over to Saabs United to learn more. There is a ticker on the right hand side that lets you know how much is left. As for Saab itself, administrators are still going over the bids they have received. A decision is said to arrive sometime before this summer. Hang tight.