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Saab Automobile AB Secures Parts Agreements

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Months (and years, really) later, and the Saab drama is yet unresolved. Right now the process is being guided by bankruptcy administrators. A range of buyers is reportedly interested, including Youngman who recently fielded a new offer. An announcement on who would be purchasing Saab was supposed to have been made before summer.

Well, summer is nearly upon us (according to our friend Google it officially begins Wednesday, June 20th) and no news has broken. In the course of this process, there have been a lot of ups and downs for enthusiasts. While the bankruptcy process winds through, significant progress is being made for previous owners of Saabs.

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One of the major problems in owning/buying a vehicle from a defunct automaker is a lack of parts. Particularly for buyers of the last-run 2011 Saabs, this represents a problem. Warranty service is no longer being provided – these cars were sold “As is.” Help has come in that regard though, as Saab Automobile Parts AB has announced the formation of a new North American subsidiary based in Michigan. The parts arm is completely independent from the Saab bankruptcy process. Saab Automobile Parts AB has reached out to suppliers to secure contracts for parts, independent of the manufacturing arm of the company.

Good news indeed – they even have a deal that will enable the continued use of Saab Automobile’s press and body shop to manufacture replacement body parts. SAPA estimates that over 500,000 Saabs are still on the road in North America alone. As we have seen, this buyer base is fiercely loyal and dedicated to their vehicles. That makes it a smart business decision as well. SAPA will provide parts to Saab dealers, and will fulfill outstanding orders for parts they have already received. Now all that is left is to figure out is the future of Saab itself. This move clearly shows that Saab enthusiasts are moving forward regardless.