Me and the E Type Jag

Royal Mail Delivers British Auto Legends Stamps in Style

As many of you know, I’ve been shacked up in London for some time now. Little did I know, London’s had its eye on me too.

The British Royal Mail recently contacted me and said they had something special to give me to celebrate the release of their new line of postal stamps – the British Auto Legends.

After all, it’s an industry for them to be proud of. Aston Martin, Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Lotus, Bentley, Land Rover, Morgan…British auto makers are loaded with history. Sure, it’s not all great history, but history nonetheless. And many are simply legendary.

So yesterday, when the stamps were officially launched, I get a call asking me to come meet them outside my flat. They said I’d know it’s them when I saw the car.

They were right:

Red Jaguar E-Type

Royal Mail tool boxShowing up in a shiny red Jaguar E-Type is a good way to make an impression.

The special gift they had for me? A personalized Royal Mail tool box and a package with the new stamps (check out the thumbnail to the right.)

Of course the E-Type is part of the collection – what British car could better fit the “legendary” name?

British Auto Legends Jaguar E-Type stamp

But what other five cars made the list?

Aston Martin DB5

British Auto Legends Aston Martin stamp

Ok, well this one’s pretty damn legendary too. James Bond’s ride.

The others:

British Auto Legends full set

MG MGB, Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, Morgan Plus 8, and the Lotus Esprit.

Four additional first class stamps listed as “The Workhorses” include the Morris Minor Van, Austin FX4 Taxi, Ford Anglia 105E Police Car, and the Coastguard Land Rover Defender 110:

British Auto Legends - The Workhorses

So, lovely British readers of Automoblog, will you be picking up this set of stamps to hold onto?

Any other British legends you think would have better fit onto the list?