Rolls-Royce Releases Teaser Image of Uber-Luxury Wraith


Despite many smaller luxury cars demonstrating premium accompaniment in a more practical scale, the true exotic vehicle niche still needs reigning participants. Since 1907, luxury automotive brand Rolls-Royce has resided as the premium benchmark of four-wheel cruising. For 105 years, we have grown accustomed to expecting top-notch engineering and craftsmanship from each vehicle constructed. When the most refined automotive pedigree announces a new vehicle, it is the equivalent of a royal family broadcasting a child is soon to be born. For what could be the ultrasound of a new car, Rolls-Royce has revealed a peek at a new car set to premiere at March’s 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

Borrowing its model name from a Scottish term meaning dark spirit or ghost, the Wraith is said by Rolls-Royce to evoke “the pioneering spirit and lust for adventure that drove company forefather the Honourable Charles Rolls.” From the official teaser released by Rolls-Royce, even through the shadowy cover there seems to be a flare for elegance in the Wraith. Not just a two-door, the Rolls-Royce Wraith is a splendidly configured into the shape of a fastback meant to rekindle the British brand’s history as a performer. During the very early stage of the 20th century, a high-class automobile needed to be an all-around superior vehicle fusing supercar performance and luxury car appointments.

Similar to Phantom and Ghost nameplates that the BMW-controlled Rolls-Royce brand had acquired from its own history, Wraith itself is steep with nostalgia for the super luxury company. First applied to a Rolls-Royce in 1938, the Wraith defined as a chassis on the lower-tier of the automaker’s product line-up. After the Second World War, the vehicle matured into the Silver Wraith that proudly served royalty and other dignitaries. Silver Wraith would again be used in the late 1970s to refer to a long wheelbase version of the Silver Shadow.

Other than the linage and the single image, little else is known about the Rolls-Royce Wraith. When revealed in Geneva, a greater perspective should reveal the Wraith coupe. Expect the Rolls-Royce Wraith to rely on components from the Ghost sedan.

Knowing the history of Roll-Royce cars, the modern Wraith will carry a price tag that will make home ownership seem substantially affordable.


Information and photo source: Rolls-Royce Motor Cars