1969 Shelby GT500CS Convertible 112

Retrobuilt Reveals Open Top Shelby Mustang GT500CS Convertible

1969 Shelby GT500CS Convertible 112

If you think the 2013 Ford Mustang isn’t retro enough, Retrobuilt has the answer for you. The company has created a whole buyer base for its creations, previously introducing coupe models of the 1969 model Shelby Mustang. Today it has introduced an open-top conversion, based on the current Mustang.

Instead of taking classic cues and blending them into a more modern appearance, Retrobuilt’s Shelby Mustang GT500CS Convertible conversion aims to be as close to the original as possible. The only exterior elements to remain from the current car are hard points like the windshield and doors.

1969 Shelby GT500CS Convertible 42

Even the doors are not completely untouched though – the handles have been swapped out for original chrome elements. The rest – headlights, taillights, mirrors, marker lights, real metal bumpers, window louvers and the like are all reproductions of the original. Hundreds of hours were spent designing them to fit onto the modern platform of the current Mustang. The final result is top notch – there is no poorly done elements or a cheap copy feel. The guys at Retrobuilt know what they are doing – the late Caroll Shelby had only good things to say about their work. They are also an official licensee of Caroll Shelby Licensing, Inc. They aren’t a fly-by-night outfit.

The 1969 is a sought after model by enthusiasts and this is a dedicated recreation. Retrobuilt’s conversion work can be done on any Mustang, starting from the 2005 model year. In addition to bodywork changes, there are other options such as a supercharger that boosts output to 500 horsepower. Another race package includes performance parts like Bauer brakes. Retrobuilt doesn’t have listed pricing for their work; presumably as each project will end up being unique. For something like this be prepared to spend quite a bit – and justifiably so. Check out the gallery below and judge for yourself.