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Is CarShield Legit?

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  • Carshield is an extended warranty provider with six coverage options.
  • In our industry study, we name CarShield as the Most Affordable provider.
  • This reputable extended car warranty company offers several plans with additional benefits.

CarShield is a popular vehicle service contract providers and continues to build its reputation. You may have heard of the company due to its high volume of TV commercials and online ads. But is it one of the more reputable extended car warranty companies?

The short answer is yes, CarShield is a trustworthy company. CarShield has been in business since 2005 and holds a strong reputation in the extended warranty industry. The St. Peters, Missouri-based company also ranked as the Most Affordable warranty option in our review of the best extended car warranty companies. CarShield offers a wide range of protection plans, flexible payment options, and several deductible choices.

Most Affordable Our Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0 logo carshieldGet Quote (877) 265-5123 Well-known provider that offers great coverage with great pricing

Is CarShield Actually Legit?

Yes, CarShield is a legitimate extended auto warranty provider. We gave the company 4.2 out of 5.0 stars in our industry-wide review for its affordable prices, comprehensive coverage plans, and outstanding reputation.

Those who purchase coverage seem to believe that CarShield is legit, as seen by its 4.2-star rating out of 5.0 from more than 10,000 Google reviews. The provider also earns 4.0 stars out of 5.0 on Trustpilot, where CarShield has been rated over 29,000 times.

Those who look at CarShield review scores on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website may wonder about its rating there. It only receives a 1.4-star rating out of 5.0 from over 1,700 reviewers on the site, and CarShield holds an F rating from the BBB. However, the BBB data is outweighed by the number of positive scores on Google and Trustpilot. Carefully research CarShield customer service and pricing before picking up coverage, but know that CarShield is a reputable extended car warranty company.

CarShield Warranty Plans

A CarShield vehicle protection plan can give you extra peace of mind in the case of a mechanical breakdown, especially if your vehicle is nearing the end of its factory warranty coverage. CarShield is a vehicle service contract broker, so the extended warranty plans that it offers are administered by other companies such as American Auto Shield. This allows CarShield to provide six different coverage options at price points that will fit almost any budget.

Below, we’ll break down the six levels of coverage mentioned on CarShield.com.

  • Diamond: The Diamond plan is similar to a new car factory warranty from the dealership, in that CarShield covers nearly all vehicle systems and components except for a short list of exclusions. Since this CarShield coverage option is similar to a manufacturer’s warranty, it will likely offer drivers the largest number of covered repairs.
  • Platinum: The Platinum plan protects the engine, transmission, drive axle, electrical system, water pump, fuel pump, and other critical components. It’s an excellent choice for protecting high-mileage vehicles and used cars.
  • Gold: The Gold plan is an enhanced powertrain warranty that focuses on the engine, transmission, and drivetrain components. Your vehicle’s alternator, starter, power windows, and air conditioning system are all protected under Gold coverage.
  • Silver: As the most affordable CarShield plan, Silver coverage takes care of all lubricated engine parts, the transmission, and the water pump.
  • Aluminum: This plan covers most electrical- and computer-related issues in your car. Your vehicle’s starter, alternator, navigation system, and engine control module are all included in Aluminum coverage, but powertrain parts like the engine and transmission are not.
  • Motorcycle & ATV: As its name suggests, this plan is different from the others listed. Motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), and other specialty vehicles can gain coverage, a rarity in the extended car warranty industry.

CarShield warranty plans are administered by American Auto Shield, so it’s a good idea to look into the company as you consider whether CarShield is legit.

CarShield Warranty Exclusions

As with most extended auto warranties, CarShield’s vehicle protection plans leave out coverage for the following:

  • Modified or altered parts
  • Wear-and-tear parts like brake pads
  • Routine maintenance such as oil changes
  • Breakdowns caused by lack of maintenance
  • Damage from work done at an unauthorized auto repair facility
  • Damage from collision, acts of nature, and other issues typically covered by car insurance companies

To avoid having claims denied, it’s important that you regularly maintain your vehicle and have all repairs done at shops that are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE®).

CarShield Added Benefits

Almost all CarShield plans come with roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, towing services, and trip interruption benefits. Make sure to read your contract to find out exactly what comes standard with your CarShield plan.

These perks are relatively standard among reputable extended car warranty companies, yet the fact that you’ll receive this added peace of mind confirms that CarShield is legit.

Is CarShield Worth It?

CarShield’s reputation for affordability is well deserved. Our team inquired about getting a five-year or 100,000-mile Diamond plan on a 2018 Toyota Camry. After a $100 deductible and a $295 down payment, the estimated payment was about $83 per month for 18 months.

Extended car warranty costs depend on a wide range of factors. The price you pay will be largely determined by your vehicle’s make, model, age, and mileage. The coverage plan and deductible you choose will also have major impacts on how much you pay.

Conclusion: Is CarShield Legit?

CarShield is a legitimate extended warranty provider, and it’s a solid option if you’re searching for an affordable vehicle protection plan. Competitive rates and plans that last up to 300,000 miles keep the company near the top of the industry.

Though CarShield is legit, that doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for every driver. We recommend that you compare free quotes from car warranty providers such as CarShield, CARCHEX, Protect My Car, and Endurance to see which ones offer the top combination of value and service.

Most Affordable Our Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0 logo carshieldGet Quote (877) 265-5123 Well-known provider that offers great coverage with great pricing

Is CarShield Legit?:\FAQ

Does CarShield pay its claims?

CarShield claims are known to be consistently paid out to car repair shops. Some people say that CarShield is not legit because of certain situations when it does not cover damages, but these reviews typically come from drivers who do not fully understand their warranty exclusions. Your covered repairs are paid 100% after you submit your CarShield claims and pay your deductible. The administrator of your CarShield contract will pay your repair shop or dealer directly for your car repairs. As soon as you meet your deductible, CarShield will pay your covered repair claims in full.

Can CarShield be trusted?

CarShield can be trusted not to scam drivers, and our research shows it’s not a rip-off. It’s been a popular and legitimate provider for almost two decades and receives excellent reviews from customers on Google and Trustpilot.

Is CarShield a scam?

Although CarShield doesn’t have a great rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website – with only 1.4 out of 5.0 stars – it is not a scam, a rip-off, or a gimmick. CarShield customer service consistently responds to negative reviews and complaints, with over 1,200 closed in the last 12 months. The company has a good reputation on Google, with a 4.2 out of 5.0-star rating based on over 10,000 reviews. Some internet complaints have attempted to label CarShield as a scam, but its warranty coverage is real and not a rip-off. While it’s true that the company does have a poor rating and a warning from the BBB, it also serves warranties to thousands of customers every year across the country. The amount of positive reviews on multiple sites also suggests that many CarShield customers are happy with their coverage. In our industry-wide review of the best extended car warranty companies, we determined that CarShield is certainly not a scam or a rip-off. We give CarShield a 4.2 out of 5.0-star rating.

Does Ice T really use CarShield?

Actor Ice T does really have a CarShield policy according to a few sources. However, it is also reported that CarShield paid for his policy.

Our Methodology

Our expert review team takes satisfaction in providing accurate and unbiased information. We identified the following rating categories based on consumer survey data and conducted extensive research to formulate rankings of the best extended auto warranty providers.

  • Affordability: A variety of factors influence cost, so it can be difficult to compare quotes between providers. Our team performs ongoing secret shopper analyses for different vehicles, mileages, warranty plans, and locations to give this rating.
  • Coverage: Because each consumer has unique needs, it’s essential that a car warranty company offers an array of coverage options. We take into account the number of plans offered by each provider, term limits, exclusions, and additional benefits.
  • Industry Standing: Our team considers Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings, availability, and years in business when giving this score.
  • Customer Service: Reputable extended car warranty companies operate with a certain degree of care for consumers. We take into account customer reviews, BBB complaints, and the responsiveness of the customer service team.