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CarShield Silver Plan

Best for those who want simple, affordable coverage, the CarShield Silver plan provides basic powertrain coverage and is the company’s most cost-effective plan.

In this article, we’ll review the CarShield Silver plan and go over the specifics of its cost, coverage, and benefits. If you are interested in learning more about all of CarShield’s plans and want to read of review of the provider as a whole, check out our CarShield reviews article.

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Affordable Monthly Payment

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0

CarShield Silver Package

Dealing with any type of auto damage can be stressful. After all, you may need to put your day’s plans on hold while you head to your preferred auto repair shop.

The good news is that this does not need to be a part of your ownership experience. CarShield offers a range of extended warranty plans. With an extended warranty from CarShield, you can enjoy a hassle-free claims process and perks like roadside assistance, courtesy towing and a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired.

CarShield Silver Coverage

The CarShield Silver Plan is most cost-effective plan offered; designed to be affordable and cover the most important part of the car—the powertrain; benefits those seeking simple, affordable coverage for the components that are fundamentally necessary to drive.

CarShield Silver is the provider’s most basic coverage level and most affordable option. This plan focuses on providing a basic level of coverage for the most important parts of the vehicle’s drivetrain that are essential in making the vehicles wheels turn over so the car can move down the road, including the transmission, drive axle, water pump, and lubricated parts of the vehicle. Other parts that are included in the coverage are the turbocharger and 4×4 transfer case. Although these parts are basic, they are the most fundamental for your vehicle to function and the most expensive systems on a car to have repaired.

Affordable Monthly Payment

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0

Of the 6 levels of coverage offered by CarShield, this plan provides the lowest level of coverage overall.
This is slightly scaled down from the Powertrain Plus coverage provided by the Gold plan covers the bulky mechanical parts of a vehicle that are difficult to fix. All-in-all, CarShield Silver is the most affordable option that was created by the most affordable provider overall. The plan is a good fit for those who drive used vehicles and are looking for the cheapest, most basic form of coverage to protect against major, unexpected repairs.

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The CarShield Silver Plan is most cost-effective plan offered; designed to be affordable and cover the most important part of the car—the powertrain; benefits those seeking simple, affordable coverage for the components that are fundamentally necessary to drive.

Coverage: transmission, drive axle(s), water pump, transfer case and all lubricated parts of the engine.

CarShield’s Silver warranty plan is the most affordable option available, and it exclusively covers powertrain components. Specifically, it covers repair and replacement to internally lubricated parts of a vehicle’s powertrain, and this include:

  • A gas or diesel engine
  • The transmission
  • Front and rear drive axles
  • The water pump
  • The transfer case on four-wheel drive vehicles
What Is A Powertrain Extended Warranty?

A powertrain warranty is a warranty that covers the most basic parts that your vehicle needs to run. Typically, on a factory warranty, the powertrain warranty lasts longer than the limited factory warranty. Consumers purchase powertrain extended warranties to extend their coverage for these vital components after the factory powertrain warranty expires.

CarShield Silver Coverage Perks

This plan also comes with a wide range of money-saving services that may be crucial in the event of a breakdown. For example, with prior authorization, the plan includes:

  • 24-hour emergency roadside assistance
  • Lockout service
  • Emergency tire service
  • Battery service
  • Fuel delivery service
  • Towing service
  • Winching service
Affordable Monthly Payment

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0

CarShield Silver Coverage Exclusions

Along with the common exclusions to all of CarShields plans like pre-existing conditions, wear and tear parts, etc., CarShield Silver coverage exclusions include:

  • Air Conditioner
  • Fuel Delivery System
  • Fuel Injector
  • Fuel Pump
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Brake System
  • Electrical System
  • Instrument Cluster
  • GPS Navigation
  • Factory Audio
  • Starter
  • Alternator
  • Power Windows
  • Radiator
  • Wiring Harness

CarShield Silver Package Coverage Periods

CarShield offers many flexible coverage options to suit a variety of needs and budgets. For the Silver plan and for all other warranty plans offered by CarShield, you can choose between several term lengths. One of the best features of the CarShield Silver plan is that it is offered on a monthly basis, so you can pay as you go!

When you contact CarShield for a no-cost and no-obligation quote, you will be asked to provide your car’s VIN and current odometer reading. With this information, a CarShield representative will pull together the plan options and costs. Simply make your selection based on your needs and budget. Keep in mind that warranty coverage requires pre-authorization, and it is effective after a mandatory waiting period has passed.

CarShield Silver Plan Cost

As CarShield’s most affordable plan, CarShield Silver cost $99 per month for both pay-as-you go and set period plans. You can also expect to pay a deductible, with your down-payment usually coming on the first month of the plan. With discounts, you can cover your vehicle with a CarShield Silver plan for as little as $80 dollars per month. Additionally, if you don’t like your CarShield Silver Package, you can get a full money back refund in 30 days. Also, if you decide to sell your vehicle, you can transfer a CarShield Silver Plan to the next owner. To learn more about CarShield’s prices, check out this CarShield Cost Guide.

CarShield Silver Discounts

When speaking with your representative about a quote, make sure to ask about available discounts. Along with the affordable CarShield Silver plan, a discount can get your coverage well under $100 per month. You can generally get a discount if you are a veteran, law enforcement, senior citizen, or the original vehicle owner.

Affordable Monthly Payment

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0

Average Auto Repair Costs

Auto repairs can arise seemingly out of the blue, and they can wreak havoc on your finances if you are not prepared to cover repair costs. At the same time, you may feel stressed about finances. Many types of car repairs can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and you may be one of the many drivers who have not earmarked money in your budget for such an expensive, unexpected service ahead of time. According to AAA, the average repair cost is approximately $500 to $600. Many drivers unfortunately must rely on a credit card to make unexpected auto repairs, and this means that they go into debt because of the lack of warranty coverage.

Keep in mind that this average may not reflect what the full cost of your vehicle’s next repair bill may be. For example, the cost to replace a transmission ranges between $1,800 and $3,400. A single axle shaft replacement costs between $900 to $1,000. Be aware that the actual cost of repairs will be based on labor costs in your area as well as the replacement parts for your make and model.

CarShield Silver Reviews

CarShield is a reputable, established auto warranty company that offers a variety of plans with flexible term lengths. In addition, buying a warranty plan through CarShield gives you a variety of included perks that extend beyond the Silver plan’s powertrain coverage. With an easy claims process, friendly customer service and affordable pricing, CarShield is an excellent provider to purchase your auto warranty from. With a solid cancellation policy, transferrable plans, and even plans offered in Spanish, there is a lot to like with CarShield Silver.

Since CarShield Silver is the most affordable of all the company’s plans, it is best suited for older vehicles and vehicles with higher mileage that you want to extend the factory powertrain warranty so you are covered for the basics.

Affordable Monthly Payment

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0


Today’s cars are engineered with exceptional durability in mind. From bumper to bumper, they reflect decades of automotive evolution. The specific car, truck, minivan or SUV that you have chosen to drive is understandably a source of pride, and you may love showing off your ride as you cruise through town. At the same time, you rely on that vehicle for daily transportation. The last thing that you want is for your vehicle to break down, but this is an unfortunate aspect of ownership that many drivers experience at least once or twice over the years.

The CarShield Silver plan is an affordable plan for those looking for basic coverage on older vehicles. It can keep you covered and keep your car on the road longer and with less headache.

What is the cost of the average auto mechanic bill?

Did you know that the average car repair costs between $500 and $600? Based on data provided by AAA, many drivers are unable to pay for average repairs with cash and must use credit to do so. Even if you have enough cash on hand, you may not be able to comfortably pay repairs that you may be responsible for over the years.

What repairs are covered under the CarShield’s Silver warranty plan?

CarShield’s Silver warranty plan covers all internally lubricated components of both gas and diesel engines. The heads and block are covered only if damage results from an issue related to covered engine components.
Other areas of the vehicle’s powertrain that are covered include the standard or automatic transmission, a turbocharger or supercharger, the water pump and its housing, lubricated parts inside the transfer case for 4×4 vehicles and the lubricated parts in the front and rear drive axles. Seals and gaskets are also covered under the plan if they require replacement because of repair services related to other covered components.

Our Methodology

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  • Affordability: A variety of factors influence cost, so it can be difficult to compare quotes between providers. Our team performs ongoing secret shopper analyses for different vehicles, mileages, warranty plans, and locations to give this rating.
  • Coverage: Because each consumer has unique needs, it’s essential that a car warranty company offers an array of coverage options. We take into account the number of plans offered by each provider, term limits, exclusions, and additional benefits.
  • Industry Standing: Our team considers Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings, availability, and years in business when giving this score.
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