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CarShield Diamond Coverage

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The CarShield Diamond plan is an exclusionary VSC with the highest coverage level, mimicking a new car factory warranty for those seeking maximum coverage.

In this comprehensive review of CarShield Diamond coverage, we’ll look at all of the plan’s major details, including CarShield Diamond Coverage, the CarShield Diamond Plan’s Cost, and more.

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Affordable Monthly Payment

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0

CarShield Diamond Plan

With coverage that is closest to an OEM warranty for new vehicles, CarShield Diamond plan is comparable to a factory limited warranty. The contract for this plan is exclusionary, meaning it only lists parts that aren’t covered in the contract. Thus most components and systems for your car are covered with this plan, except for the small list of excluded parts that are listed in the contract.

As the most comprehensive plan offered by CarShield, the CarShield Diamond plan covers more parts than any other plan provided by the company. Along with protection for the drivetrain, powertrain system, and drive axle, this plan is deigned to provide the most complete coverage available, meaning everything from starter problems, transmission failures, and fuel pump breakdowns are covered in this plan. This plan covers everything that’s in the Platinum Plan (one tier lower), with the addition of the wiring harness.

Below are the specific parts covered in the CarShield Diamond plan:

  • The engine and transmission
  • Rear and front drivetrain axles
  • The 4×4 drivetrain’s transfer case
  • The coolant system
  • The fuel injection system
  • The suspension system
  • Steering components
  • The wiring harness
  • Electrical wiring and components
  • The radiator
  • The brake system
  • The driver’s instrumentation gauges
  • The GPS and navigation system
  • The alternator and ignition system
  • Power-operated window mechanisms
  • The factory sound system

These plans are intended for drivers whose factory warranties have recently expired or are expiring soon due to high mileage or a short term policy that want to extend their bumper to bumper coverage. Sometimes referred to as the “Total New Car Coverage Plan” the CarShield Diamond policy benefits newer vehicles and those looking to protect their investment and add coverage to/extend their manufacturer warranty. CarShield Diamond Coverage is a bumper-to-bumper plan similar to a factory warranty and is the most extensive plan closest to OEM coverage offered by CarShield.

CarShield’s most expansive warranty plan comes with a few extra benefits that you may take full advantage of in the event of a breakdown or a mishap. For example, the plan also includes emergency tire replacement service, battery replacement service, winching and towing services and fuel delivery service. In addition, service is available if you lock your keys in the car and if you need roadside assistance at any hour of the day.

The CarShield Diamond plan is also transferrable, comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, and is even available in Spanish.

Affordable Monthly Payment

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0

CarShield Diamond Coverage Cost

The CarShield Diamond Plan costs around $100 a month in most cases, which is the same or close to most CarShield plans. Known for its fixed monthly payments, CarShield’s costs usually vary most for deductible and down payment costs. If you choose a monthly plan, the down payment is usually paid in the first installment. If you choose an 18 month plan, you can expect to pay a down payment between $100 and $400 dollars.

Since the deductible for CarShield is typically determined by the plan you signed up for, you can expect the deductible for the Diamond plan to be higher in most cases, especially if you have a vehicle that is more expensive to cover.

The best way to find out how much the CarShield Diamond plan, or any extended warranty plan for that matter, will cost, is to speak with a CarShield representative and get a direct quote. Generally, the factors like vehicle type, mileage/age, what region you live in, and your driver habits determine the overall cost of a vehicle service contract.

How Much Is CarShield Diamond Coverage?

Since the type of vehicle you drive and coverage period affect the price structure for CarShield Diamond Coverage, one of the best ways to help determine what your Diamond coverage will cost is to look at examples. The chart below shows common costs for CarShield Diamond coverage.

Vehicle TypeCarShield
Warranty Plan
DeductibleDown PaymentPeriod
2016 Mid-Size Luxury CarDiamond$99 $1001st paymentUnlimited
2016 Compact Crossover SUVDiamond$100 x 18 months$100$2954 years/125,000 miles
2017 SedanDiamond$100$1301st paymentUnlimited
2017 Crossover SUV Diamond$100$1301st PaymentUnlimited
2017 Luxury Compact Crossover SUVDiamond$100$1301st PaymentUnlimited
This chart shows the different payment, deductible, and downpayment costs for various vehicle types and coverage periods for the CarShield Diamond Plan

CarShield also offers several discounts on the Diamond Plan, especially if you are a new car owner, sennior citizen, veteran, or a member of law enforcement.

sample diamond coverage contract

CarShield Diamond Exclusions

This plan does not cover aesthetic parts, hoses, belts, trim, or wear items.

The CarShield Diamond auto warranty plan is designed to give you the highest level of coverage available. However, it does not cover all components of the vehicle from bumper to bumper. In addition, benefits can be negated because of street racing, extensive filth and more. In addition, damages related to events like bad weather are not covered under any of the CarShield warranty plans. For a complete list of inclusions and exclusions, refer to your Platinum warranty agreement.

Below is a complete list of parts not covered in the CarShield Diamond Plan:

  • Damage From A Lack Of Maintenance
  • Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Repairs Performed Without Prior Authorization
  • Damage From Theft Or Vandalism
  • Vehicle Alterations/Modifications
  • Odometer Tampering
  • Wear and Tear Parts
  • Vehicle Misuse

CarShield Diamond Coverage Review

If your new vehicle warranty has recently expired or is about to expire, we recommend the CarShield Diamond coverage as a solid replacement to your factory bumper-to-bumper warranty, especially if you are looking for a good deal at the expense of customer service.

Affordable Monthly Payment

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0


The CarShield Diamond plan is CarShield’s most extensive coverage tier, covering nearly every component on a vehicle. More expensive than most plans, the Diamond Plan is suitable for those looking to extend their new car warranty with something similar. Diamond plans may include limited roadside assistance depending on which state you live in.

How much is CarShield Diamond plan?

While the basic CarShield warranty starts at $99 per month, the actual cost is dependent on the specific plan selected as well as your car’s make, model and age. When you request an online quote, you will provide the odometer reading, vehicle data and the VIN. This will enable CarShield to provide you with a firm quote for the plan that you are interested in. For more pricing info, check out this guide to CarShield cost.

What parts are covered in the CarShield Diamond plan?

The Diamond warranty plan offers coverage that is most similar to your vehicle’s original manufacturer’s warranty. It is an exclusionary contract that covers everything from engine components and the AC system to the electrical system and more. The CarShield Diamond plan is a comprehensive plan that covers everything from the lubricated components in the engine to many electrical system components, the wiring harness. While it offers the greatest level of coverage available, there are some exclusions. In addition, all services must be pre-authorized by CarShield.

Specific parts that are covered include the engine, transmission, drive axle(s), transfer case, air conditioner, fuel delivery system, fuel pump, starter, alternator, power windows, water pump, fuel injector, steering, suspension, brake system, electrical system, instrument cluster, GPS, factory radio, radiator, wiring harness, wear items, hoses, aesthetic parts, and belts.

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