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Detroit Car Shipping: What You Need to Know

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Auto shipping to and from Detroit is fairly straightforward, as the city is easily accessible by a number of major highways. In fact, the city was home to the first freeway ever built. You can find shipping services to and from Detroit with a wide range of companies. The best way to find good prices on auto transport services is to compare offers from multiple providers.

We’ve reviewed the best car shipping companies in the business, and all of our recommendations offer car shipping to or from Detroit. Check out our top picks above and compare free quotes to find the best price. 

What to Expect When Shipping a Car in Detroit

Detroit’s legacy as the global center of automotive manufacturing during the first half of the 1900s earned it the nickname Motor City. The city has birthed some of the most iconic automobiles in history, including the Ford Model T, the Ford Mustang, the Dodge Viper and the Dodge Charger. Detroit is also the birthplace of Motown Records, which produced 191 No. 1 hit songs and introduced artists like Stevie Wonder and The Jackson 5. 

Whether you’re shipping a piece of automotive history or a daily driver, auto shipping to and from Detroit is easy when you know what to expect. The most common type of Detroit car transport is to use an open car carrier for door-to-door service. By working with a reputable broker, you can access pricing from many vehicle shippers and find a good deal. Since the city is in the Great Lakes region, winters in Detroit aren’t as bad as in other parts of the country, so you can ship a car year-round. Be aware that prices are higher in the summer and January since more people move during these times.

Cost of Shipping to and from Detroit

Car shipping costs are based on many factors, including distance, vehicle size and weight, type of service, time of year, carrier competition, and more. Of course, it cost less to ship a car from Detroit to Grand Rapids, Michigan, than from Detroit to Miami. At the same time, longer shipments cost less per mile. 

The quotes below come from uShip’s instant quote calculator and are based on shipping a 2020 Honda Civic on open transport. Open transport is the cheapest car shipping service. uShip is one of our top five recommended providers, and you can learn more about the company in our uShip review. 

Origin/Destination CityDistanceCost of Auto Shipping
to Detroit
Cost of Auto Shipping
from Detroit
Baltimore, MD500 miles$647$611
Jacksonville, FL1,000 miles$707$863
San Antonio, TX1,500 miles$907$1,060
Los Angeles, CA2,250 miles$1,236$1,119

Now, if you need to ship a larger vehicle like an SUV or truck, you’ll pay more. The auto transport company needs to manage total weight between vehicles on an open trailer, so smaller cars are cheaper to ship. Of course, if you have a 1969 Dodge Charger, you won’t want to send it on an open carrier. You can use an enclosed transport truck instead. For this service, you should expect to pay at least a few hundred dollars more, depending on the trip. 

Detroit Car Shipping: What You Need to Know: FAQ

What is the cheapest way to ship my car?

The cheapest way to ship a car while keeping it safe is by open truck transport. An open trailer can carry multiple vehicles, which keeps costs low for you. You can also ship a car for cheap on a train. However, your car will be vulnerable to vandalism.

How much does it cost to ship a car from Detroit to Los Angeles?

According to our research, you’ll pay about $1,200 to ship a standard-sized car from Detroit to Los Angeles on an open vehicle transport trailer. If you’re shipping an SUV or truck, you’ll pay more. You’ll also pay more if you need to use an enclosed carrier for a classic car or oversized vehicle.

How much does it cost to have a car shipped from another state?

A short shipment to a neighboring state can cost between $300 and $500. Cross-country auto transportation can cost between $1,000 and $2,000, depending on the distance and type of service. Generally, the price per mile decreases as distance increases.

What is the best company to ship my car?

After reviewing all leading car shipping services on the market, we recommend Montway Auto Transport as the best option overall. You can learn more in our Montway Auto Transport Review. Our top picks also include AmeriFreight, Sherpa Auto Transport, and Bargain Auto Transport.