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What Discounts Does Safeco Provide? (Guide)

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Safeco is a relatively well-known car insurance provider that’s been in business since 1923. It’s now a subsidiary of Liberty Mutual, the country’s sixth-largest personal auto insurance seller. Though no longer independent, Safeco is still recognized for its responsive local agents.

Drivers should consider the discounts that Safeco provides before deciding whether it’s the right auto coverage choice. It’s smart to consider many of the best car insurance companies before landing on a single provider, as it could save considerable money on premiums down the road.

What Discounts Are Available From Safeco?

Safeco offers a variety of discount programs, but they often depend on your state of residence. Typically, these savings revolve around your responsibility as a driver and car owner. Below is a list of the main discount opportunities offered on a Safeco auto insurance policy.

Safeco DiscountsDiscount Description
Accident-free discountAvailable for drivers who’ve gone a certain number of years without getting involved in a car accident
Accident prevention course discountFor certain motorists who take an approved driver safety course.
Low-mileage discountA chance to save for drivers who put few miles on their vehicles each year
Multi-car discountGiven to drivers who insure multiple vehicles through Safeco
Multi-policy discountOffered for those who bundle homeowners, renters or life insurance with auto coverage from Safeco
Safe driver discountAvailable to those who go a certain number of years without a moving violation or an accident
Vehicle safety features discountProvided if your vehicle has specific safety features such as anti-lock brakes and anti-theft systems
Violation-free discountGiven out if you’ve never faced any speeding tickets, accidents or DUI violations

One of the easiest ways to save on your Safeco policy is by opting into the Safeco Package. This option bundles your auto coverage with Safeco home insurance to offer a cheap car insurance plan.

To find all of the discounts that Safeco provides, reach out to your local insurance agent. The company mentions that multiple savings opportunities are available beyond those specifically listed on its website.

Other potential types of insurance discounts include a driver training discount and a distant student discount. Speak with a Safeco agent to find out how you can find the best rate through the company’s various car insurance discounts.

RightTrack? Safe Driving Program

Those who sign up for Safeco’s RightTrack telematics program will download a mobile app that lets the company track their driving behaviors. The company will then reward drivers who make safe driving choices with discounts of up to 30%.

Those who could save the most through RightTrack are motorists who avoid hard braking and acceleration, those who rarely drive at night and people who log very few miles on their cars. RightTrack probably isn’t a great way to save money for those who don’t want to be tracked or for those who have bad driving records.

Additional Ways To Save With Safeco

Safeco provides some lesser-known discounts beyond those listed above. We’ll run through a few additional savings opportunities from Safeco in the following section.

  • Accident forgiveness: After going a certain number of years without an at-fault violation or collision, Safeco will waive your first accident.
  • Claims-Free Cash Back: Receive 2.5% back on your premium every six months that you go without filing any claims.
  • Diminishing deductible: Those with collision coverage could see their deductible decrease at every renewal as long as no insurance claims are filed on the policy.

Optional Coverage Options From Safeco

Safeco customers can purchase add-on coverages such as new vehicle replacement, rental car reimbursement and 24-hour roadside assistance. Remember that these choices do not come standard on a Safeco insurance policy, so you’ll need to opt into them if interested.

New vehicle replacement is a compelling potential discount that Safeco provides for first-time owners of a specific car. Those with this coverage option will receive a comparable new car if a vehicle that’s less than one year old gets totaled in an accident.

Rental car reimbursement pays for the cost of a rental vehicle while your car sits in the repair shop. Roadside assistance offers towing, flat-tire changes, fuel and fluid deliveries and locksmith services.

Our Recommendations for Auto Insurance

Whether you’re looking for full coverage auto insurance or a minimum plan with only bodily injury and property damage liability, it’s smart to compare discount opportunities. We’d recommend considering State Farm and GEICO insurance reviews if you’re looking for respected providers with plenty of ways to save.

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Enter your zip code and answer a few simple questions to find the best rates in your area.

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State Farm: Best Customer Experience

State Farm consistently performs well in J.D. Power customer satisfaction ratings. The company offers good student discounts as well as savings for having responsible driving habits. State Farm is known to offer a strong value, especially for teen drivers, and has a wide range of partnerships with local insurance agents.

GEICO: Most Discount Options

Motorists speak highly of GEICO discounts such as for responsible drivers and those with good grades. Aside from its savings programs, GEICO is an excellent car insurance provider that offers options for roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement and rideshare coverage.


Are Safeco and Liberty Mutual the same company?

Liberty Mutual owns Safeco, but they’re not the same insurance agency. Safeco offers personal insurance products through independent representatives, while Liberty Mutual sells insurance through its own agents.

In which states does Safeco offer its products?

Safeco car insurance coverage has been licensed to work in all 50 states. Reach out to your local agent to make sure that coverage is available in your region.

Is Safeco a good insurance company?

Yes, Safeco is a strong insurance company that’s owned and backed by Liberty Mutual. You may be able to find cheaper premiums elsewhere, though, and drivers can’t get multiple auto insurance quotes online.

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