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What Car Insurance Discounts Does AAA Provide?

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While AAA is mainly known for its roadside assistance services, the company also offers auto insurance coverage. We’ve formed a list of exactly what discounts AAA provides to make it easier for you to determine whether it’s the right provider for your needs.

In our review of the best car insurance companies, we found that AAA’s services vary widely depending on which home club serves your region. The easiest way to find competitive auto insurance rates is by comparing free quotes from multiple providers at once.

What AAA Car Insurance Discounts Are There?

It’s a bit complicated to find out what discounts AAA provides because the company is split into various motor clubs that serve different parts of the U.S. and Canada. The two largest AAA clubs are the Automobile Club of Southern California and the Auto Club Group.

Below, we’ll run through a few discounts that AAA provides across many of its clubs. Be aware that you may not find all of these savings opportunities in every state or territory.

Auto Policy Discounts From AAA

There’s a plethora of ways to save money through the discounts that AAA provides. Remember that your exact savings and percent discounts will largely depend on which provider covers your region of the U.S.

AAA DiscountsDiscount DescriptionPotential Savings
AAA membership discountDrivers may get reduced rates for holding prior membership with AAA.Up to 15%
Advance purchase discountThose who sign up more than seven days before their current policy expires receive lowered prices.Up to 5%
Group affinity discountIf you’re part of certain groups that partner with AAA, you’ll receive discount rates.Up to 10%
Longevity, loyalty and persistency discountsMotorists may find cheaper prices if they’ve stuck with AAA auto insurance for multiple years.Up to 34%
Multi-policy discountSave considerable money for bundling homeowners insurance, renters coverage or life insurance with your AAA auto policy.Up to 20%
Multi-vehicle discountInsuring more than one car through AAA can give drivers steeply discounted rates.Up to 29%
Paid in full discountCover your policy upfront rather than in monthly payments to get savings.Up to 5%
Paperless discountThose who opt to have all bills come electronically receive lowered prices.Up to 5%

Vehicle Safety Discounts From AAA

There are quite a few benefits given out by AAA to motorists whose vehicles have working safety features. Below, we’ll run through some common discounts that AAA provides:

AAA DiscountsDiscount DescriptionPotential Savings
Air bag discountCars with working air bags may receive a discounted rate from AAA.Up to 40%
Anti-theft device discountVehicles with functioning anti-theft devices get cheaper comprehensive insurance.Up to 25% off comprehensive coverage
Garage parking discountComprehensive insurance gets cheaper if you park your vehicle in a secure garage.Up to 10% off comprehensive coverage
Original owner discountIf you’re the first owner of your vehicle, you’ll find lowered premiums.Up to 5%
Safety inspection discountMotorists who let AAA inspect their vehicles are rewarded with lower insurance costs.Varies
Verified mileage discountYou’ll get a discounted rate if you supply accurate odometer readings for your vehicle upon request.Up to 20%

Driver Safety Discounts From AAA

Expect to be rewarded if you follow safe driving practices or rarely move your vehicle. While exact savings vary by your AAA provider, the ones below can be found in most regions.

AAA DiscountsDiscount DescriptionPotential Savings
Car club discountIf you’re part of a car club that partners with AAA, you’ll get a reduced rate.Up to 5%
Defensive driving discountDefensive driving courses can lead AAA to offer considerable discounts.Up to 10%
Driver training discountAn approved driver’s education course is a way to save on auto insurance.Up to 10%
Good driver discountThose with strong driving records receive savings on their auto insurance policies.Up to 20%
Good student discountFull-time high school or college students with at least a B average in their classes save with AAA.Up to 15%
Student away discountStudents who go to school more than 100 miles away from their vehicle at home can get steep savings.Up to 47%

Additional Ways To Save on AAA Car Insurance

While AAA provides an impressive set of discounts for most drivers, there are a few additional ways that drivers can reduce their rates. We’ll explain how to save money using AAA’s telematics program before explaining other benefits that help AAA members.

AAADrive and OnBoard® Telematics Programs

Most policyholders can join either the AAADrive or the OnBoard telematics service from AAA. Those who sign up must download the company’s mobile app and let it track their driving habits. If you show responsible behaviors while on the road, expect to be rewarded with lower rates.

Motorists with a bad driving record may not find these programs to be worth it, as they can also increase your overall costs. Another group that should avoid AAADrive and OnBoard are those who would be uncomfortable with AAA tracking their location.

Other Services From AAA

The American Automobile Association (AAA) is best known for roadside assistance, but it comes with multiple other services as well. Note that perks and add-ons may vary depending on whether you have AAA Classic, AAA Plus or AAA Premier membership.

Below, we’ll list off the top AAA member discounts and additional benefits:

  • Towing, fuel delivery, locksmith, flat-tire and battery services
  • Lowered prices for certain auto repairs
  • Discount rates for Best Western, Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott and MGM Resorts hotels
  • Reduced costs for Hertz and Thrifty car rentals along with Penske truck rentals
  • AAA tickets and coupons for theme parks, cruises, movie tickets, and gym memberships
  • Promos from Disney, Hard Rock Cafe, Samsung, and Dell
  • Lowered prices for home security systems, airport parking, and LensCrafters eye exams
  • Access to a AAA credit card, which could save drivers extra money

Remember that your benefits aren’t limited to the smaller ones such as one-day theme park admission and rental car services. There are likely other services that you can take advantage of depending on your specific region, so speak with AAA agents for more details.

Our Recommendations for Auto Insurance

When it’s time to buy a cheap auto insurance policy, we’d suggest looking at the discounts that AAA provides along with plans from GEICO, USAA, and Progressive. The best way to compare rates is with a tool that shows which provider gives you standout prices and coverage plans.

Compare Car Insurance Rates

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On Our Partner’s Website

GEICO: Most Discount Options

In our expert evaluation, GEICO earned an overall rating of 4.4 stars out of 5.0. GEICO extends discounts to those insuring multiple policies or vehicles, and it also has savings opportunities for military members, federal employees, and good students.

USAA: Best for Military

USAA ranks as a top provider for its affordable pricing and for the many benefits that serve military members, veterans, and their families. You’ll enjoy discounts from USAA if you’re a safe driver or a good student, have taken a defensive driving course or have low annual mileage.

Progressive: Best for Accident-Prone Drivers

Progressive ranks as the best insurer for high-risk drivers and receives a 4.5-star overall rating. This insurance company offers discounts for paying in full, for setting up automatic payments, for being a teen driver, and for having continuous coverage. Make sure to look at our Progressive insurance review to learn more about the provider’s many benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is the AAA good driver discount?

The discount for being a good driver depends on where you live, but it can reach as high as 20% in some regions. Keep in mind that the good driver discount doesn’t exist in all areas.

Are AAA insurance rates competitive?

AAA insurance rates can be competitive, so it’s worth getting an estimate from the organization. Get multiple auto insurance quotes from other companies before picking AAA, though.

What other discounts does AAA offer?

AAA offers car insurance discounts for good drivers, good students, those with prior AAA membership and for drivers whose cars have certain safety features. There are many other auto insurance savings available, so reach out to your insurance agent to learn more.

What are AAA dollars?

AAA Dollars works as a loyalty program for AAA members. When those with membership purchase items from partner companies, they earn AAA Dollars that can be used to pay for card renewal or for select services and products.

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