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What Are the Full Glass Insurance Laws in Florida?

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The full glass insurance laws in Florida offer zero-deductible windshield repairs for drivers with comprehensive coverage. Broken auto glass isn’t always cheap to repair, so this law allows motorists across the Sunshine State to stay safe while on the road.

Our team of experts has ranked the best auto insurance providers in Florida to reveal which ones offer exceptional full glass coverage as part of comprehensive insurance. One of the best ways to find affordable and high-quality protection is to compare quotes from various providers.

How Do Full Glass Insurance Laws in Florida Work?

Florida law stops car insurance providers from imposing deductibles for windshield repairs, but only for drivers with comprehensive coverage. In other words, Sunshine State drivers with comprehensive insurance are eligible for free windshield replacement services.

Remember that you’ll likely most need full coverage auto insurance to take advantage of the full glass insurance laws in Florida. Comprehensive and collision insurance typically come together, and you’ll need to move beyond the state’s minimum limits to get them.

What Is Full Glass Insurance?

Full glass coverage is a relatively rare insurance program that provides zero-deductible windshield replacement for drivers. In Florida, drivers must purchase comprehensive insurance to qualify for full glass coverage, and this is relatively common in other states as well.

Where Is Full Glass Insurance Available?

The states where drivers can put zero-deductible glass repair on their auto insurance policies are listed below:

  • Arizona
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Kentucky
  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota
  • New York
  • South Carolina

Florida statutes aren’t exactly the same as those in other states, but they’re relatively generous to drivers with damaged windshields. You’ll need to pick up comprehensive insurance coverage if you’d like to receive the benefits of windshield insurance at Florida repair shops.

What if I Don’t Have Comprehensive Coverage?

If you’re a Florida resident who decided against comprehensive insurance, you’ll need to cover the cost of windshield repairs out of pocket. This is true even if the auto glass damages to your vehicle were caused by instances of theft or vandalism.

Keep in mind that the Sunshine State gets hit with more than its fair share of severe weather. Windshield repairs caused by hurricanes, tropical storms and tornadoes will only be covered if you carry comprehensive insurance. It’s smart to buy car insurance that goes beyond Florida’s minimum coverage standards, though you’re not required to by law.

Can You Drive With a Cracked Windshield in Florida?

Drivers who don’t take advantage of the full glass insurance laws in Florida may wonder whether it’s legal to drive a vehicle with a cracked windshield. While it’s rarely a good idea, drivers may be able to do so under certain circumstances.

Federal Requirements for Auto Glass

The federal government says that slight windshield damages are permissible in some situations. Laws require that the center of your windshield have no discoloration or problems apart from a single crack that doesn’t intersect or connect with other damaged areas.

The center of your windshield is defined as the entire space above the steering wheel. This section covers everything except for two inches away from the top of your windshield and a single inch away from every other side. Driving a vehicle with a windshield crack that connects to glass chips or spidering is illegal.

Florida Requirements for Auto Glass

There aren’t many windshield laws in the state of Florida that move beyond federal limitations. Worth noting, though, is that it’s illegal to drive in the Sunshine State with an obstructed view through the front or sides of your vehicle. All cars in Florida must also have windshield wipers on them that remain in proper working order.

Remember that federal windshield replacement laws apply in Florida. Even though state laws are relatively minimal, you’ll need to follow the regulations outlined by the federal government.

Should I Get Comprehensive Insurance?

Comprehensive car insurance protects your vehicle against a wide range of potential risks. That’s in addition to the full glass insurance laws in Florida, which make it even more compelling. Comprehensive coverage is a worthwhile add-on that shouldn’t stop you from finding cheap auto insurance in the Sunshine State.

It Protects Your Car From Environmental Damages 

If you live in Florida, you’re likely aware that the state faces many environmental threats every year. Comprehensive coverage will keep your vehicle safe from these issues, whether they’re caused by a tropical storm, a hurricane, flooding or tornadoes. 

Environmental damages are just a fact of Florida life whether you live in Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Orlando or Jacksonville. Comprehensive coverage is a strong choice for you regardless of whether you’re interested in the state’s full glass insurance laws or not.

It Repairs Your Car After Theft or Vandalism Attempts

Every once in a while, vehicles get damaged due to instances of vandalism or attempted thefts. Comprehensive insurance will keep your car safe when these situations end up happening. It’s relatively likely that the full glass insurance laws in Florida could help in this situation.

It Typically Comes With Collision Insurance

Collision coverage often comes bundled with comprehensive insurance, and it helps to pay for damages after car accidents occur. This is an extremely valuable and relatively affordable additional coverage that would be smart for every Florida driver to consider.

Note that the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requires all vehicles to carry at least $10,000 of personal injury protection and property damage liability insurance. Comprehensive and collision insurance are optional coverages that go beyond this minimum requirement.

Our Recommendations for Auto Insurance

If you’d like to take advantage of the generous full glass insurance laws in Florida, it’s important that you find a strong provider of comprehensive insurance. We’d recommend looking at GEICO, USAA and State Farm as you begin to get multiple auto insurance quotes.

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GEICO: Most Discount Options

In our extensive provider review, GEICO received a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 stars. Students, military members and federal employees can receive superb discounts from the company. GEICO is known for offering relatively affordable monthly premiums to the majority of drivers.

USAA: Best for Military

While only military members, veterans and their families are eligible for USAA auto insurance, it’s often the best choice for these groups. Some noteworthy discounts offered include lower rates for being a good student, for owning numerous automobiles and for driving a newer car.

State Farm: Best Customer Experience

State Farm is easily worth considering for young drivers because of its wide spread of insurance agents and its outstanding student and teen discounts. The Steer Clear? program for young drivers and the Drive Safe & Save telematics program also provide ways to save.


Is glass coverage mandatory in Florida?

According to the full glass insurance laws in Florida, drivers who have comprehensive coverage gain access to free windshield repair. Those who don’t purchase comprehensive insurance for their car insurance policies won’t gain access to full glass coverage.

What does deductible with full glass mean?

Full glass coverage means that your insurance provider will cover the cost of windshield repair, and it will likely come with zero deductible. That means you won’t have to pay a deductible before your comprehensive coverage kicks in to cover the cost of glass replacement.

Does claiming windshield repairs affect premiums in Florida?

Most insurance disclaimers state that your auto insurance rate won’t increase following a windshield claim. After all, it’s a no-fault claim that’s covered by comprehensive insurance.

Can you get a ticket in Florida for a broken windshield?

Driving with a severely cracked windshield can result in a traffic stop and a fine in Florida. An officer may also determine that a severe windshield crack makes your vehicle unsuitable for road use.

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  1. Iam in Florida and I put a claim in on my comprehensive and it was replaced .now I went to renew my insurance and they added an extra 73.81 due to my claim this is a no fault state damage happen from road construction with a rock this claim was on a different company I had before now this is a new insurance company that wants this extra charge is this a legal charge they can do

  2. comprehensive insurance with State Farm agent advised me that if there are to many claims filed that underwriting department is most likely cancel policy (windshield repair)

    1. 2018 Honda Pilot – State Farm auto policy with comprehensive coverage $607 in April, 2023. I filed a windshield claim for a small chip in the glass. The tech told me they had to drill it first before they fill the hole/chip. Final product looks worse, but is tolerable to live with. Just got my renewal for October and they want $725 for my 6-month policy renewal. They billed my insurance $69 and my rate was like $62. I thought Florida law protected me and now I’m getting ****ed. This is BS!