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What Are the Full Glass Insurance Laws in Arizona?

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Car insurance laws vary across state lines, and these differences range from minimum coverage laws to rules for replacing broken windshield glass. Arizona is one of a handful of states that offers zero-deductible windshield glass replacement coverage.

Regardless of whether you want windshield coverage, it’s wise to shop around for car insurance. Our team has ranked the best auto insurance companies in the industry to reveal which ones offer exceptional coverage for motorists across the Grand Canyon State.

What Is Full Glass Insurance?

Full glass insurance is only offered in a couple of states, with Arizona being one of them. By state law, comprehensive coverage in Arizona provides zero-deductible headlight and windshield replacement. Note that it’s necessary to pick up comprehensive insurance for the state’s full glass coverage laws to take effect.

While many people refer to the policy as zero-deductible windshield coverage, it covers more than just a car’s windshield. Full glass insurance also applies to glass on your car’s windows and doors along with almost any material found in your vehicle’s headlights.

Full glass insurance is a relatively rare coverage type that’s an add-on in a few states. The locations where drivers may be able to get cash back after an auto glass claim are listed below:

  • Arizona
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Kentucky
  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota
  • New York
  • South Carolina

Be aware that each state has different rules around how glass coverage works. The full glass insurance laws in Arizona mean that a driver in Phoenix or Tucson, for instance, could repair a broken windshield for free without a deductible if they have comprehensive insurance.

Who Is Eligible for Full Glass Insurance?

The law requiring car insurance companies to offer zero-deductible glass replacement is specific to those who carry comprehensive insurance coverage. If you only have minimum liability coverage, your auto insurance policy won’t come with zero-deductible windshield replacement.

There are many reasons to purchase comprehensive coverage apart from receiving full glass insurance benefits. It will cover car repairs after environmental damages as well as after occurrences of theft or vandalism. Collision coverage also typically comes together with comprehensive insurance, so you’ll receive its benefits too.

Liability insurance leaves drivers unable to benefit from the free windshield replacement law in Arizona, so policyholders can avoid costly glass repairs by getting comprehensive coverage. While you may receive cheap auto insurance with liability coverage, it leaves you responsible for countless potential out-of-pocket costs.

Can You Drive With a Cracked Windshield in Arizona?

Drivers who won’t benefit from the full glass insurance laws in Arizona may wonder whether they can legally drive with a cracked windshield. Below, we’ll explain the federal guidelines as well as some laws specific to the Grand Canyon State.

Federal Requirements for Auto Glass

Federal law allows for slight windshield cracking with certain exceptions. The law itself says that the center area of your windshield cannot have discoloration or damage unless it’s a single crack that doesn’t connect or intersect with any other damage.

The center area of your windshield is considered to be anything above your steering wheel, and it covers everywhere except for two inches from the top of your windshield and an inch from every other side of it. If an acceptable crack is connected to glass spidering or chips, you’re no longer permitted to drive without covering its replacement costs.

Arizona Requirements for Auto Glass

Arizona requires that drivers have “adequate” windshields made from safety glass. Otherwise, there aren’t any laws specifically set out by the Grand Canyon State.

Keep in mind that federal requirements are in effect for all drivers in Arizona. Even if laws seem minimal in Arizona itself, all motorists must abide by the rules set out by the U.S. government.

What Do These Laws Actually Mean?

In practice, the laws regarding windshield damage mean that you’ll likely be able to drive with a minor crack on your windshield. Arizona tends to be more concerned with your visibility and road safety, which is why out-of-the-way cracks are sometimes permitted.

You can technically drive with a small crack on your windshield as long as it doesn’t interfere with your visibility. However, you could receive a ticket if you are pulled over and a police officer deems the crack large enough to pose a risk. Since this guideline is extremely subjective, it’s smart to get an auto glass replacement as soon as possible.

Should You Repair Windshield Cracks in Arizona?

It’s always a smart move to repair windshield cracks. You could face a fine if law enforcement officials decide that the crack is large enough to compromise your overall road safety.

More importantly, you face a very real safety risk by driving around with a damaged windshield. Any loss of visibility makes it more challenging to see your surroundings and avoid accidents. Windshield cracks also tend to spread and worsen over time, leaving you with poorer visibility.

Comprehensive Insurance Covers Your Windshield

Due to the full glass insurance laws in Arizona, finances don’t have to be a concern when repairing your windshield. If you pick up comprehensive auto insurance coverage, zero-deductible windshield replacement can be found in the Grand Canyon State.

On the other hand, drivers who don’t buy car insurance that includes comprehensive coverage will have to pay for windshield repairs. Whether you want to pay for auto glass repairs or not, it’s worthwhile in order to be a responsible driver and to avoid possible citations.

Can You Choose Where To Replace the Windshield?

The full glass insurance laws in Arizona allow you to choose the auto glass shop that will fix your car. You will also have the choice of using either aftermarket or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components, which are more difficult to find.

Regardless of where you go, expect to receive zero-deductible windshield replacement services in Arizona if you have comprehensive coverage. It’s best to choose a reputable repair facility that will use high-quality materials for the glass claim on your windshield or headlights.

Our Recommendations for Auto Insurance

After careful analysis, we recommend getting free quotes from GEICO, Progressive and State Farm for car insurance in Arizona. It’s best to compare multiple auto insurance quotes before making a final call, as you may be able to find cheaper rates from certain providers.

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GEICO: Most Discount Options

Arizona drivers often turn to GEICO for reasonable rates and a large number of coverage options. Some extras you can add to your GEICO insurance plan include classic car coverage, rental car reimbursement, mechanical breakdown insurance and roadside assistance.

Progressive: Best for Accident-Prone Drivers

Progressive is a strong option for those who have a speeding ticket, a recent accident or a DUI on their driving history. The company is generally more likely to accept those with bad driving records than other leading providers, and most motorists avoid harsh premiums.

Read our Progressive insurance review to learn more about the provider.

State Farm: Best Customer Experience

It’s relatively easy for drivers to find affordable pricing from State Farm. The company is known for discounts such as Drive Safe & Save along with student savings such as for good grades and for those who left their car at home for college. State Farm is also known for its accessible local insurance agents who are found in communities all across the country.



Your auto insurance may include zero-deductible windshield replacement but it’s an optional coverage type. Arizona windshields are covered by full glass insurance as a standard piece of comprehensive coverage.


Arizona permits minor cracks in your windshield as long as visibility isn’t obstructed. However, cracks or dents located in the center of your windshield must be replaced immediately.


A windshield insurance claim shouldn’t increase insurance rates in Arizona as long as it was a no-fault claim. If you caused the glass damage, you may see a hike in your premiums and should watch out for insurance disclaimers.


You can legally drive with minor cracks in isolated parts of your windshield in Arizona, but it’s a bad idea. Police officers have the discretion to say that your cracked windshield poses a risk to yourself or others, and they can ticket you if they believe it does.

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  1. Why can’t I find any information on what to do if your insurance company raises your rates for a windshield replacement claim in Arizona no help anywhere that I can find

  2. We were actually “non-renewed” by Liberty Mutual after an elk ran into my car (not the other way around) resulting in a minor claim that included a windshield. Unfortunately the rental car I got had an object hit its windshield. So all told less that $4000, but I guess 2 windshields and an act of nature is Liberty Mutual’s limit. Now need a windshield on a Subaru Forester scared to report it, but can’t afford out of pocket. Hope Progressive isn’t as messed up as LM. Wish me luck 🤞

    1. Just don’t get into a collision with another Progressive insured. The circular firing squad will resist paying to the Nth degree.

  3. I want to let you know that your second to last question on this page is wrong. Insurance costs will now increase in Arizona for windshield claims AND they can now drop your coverage based on the number of glass claims you have. Often this is because of recalibration that has to be done for newer vehicles which costs the insurance company more money so if it’s a “windshield only” then you may be fine but anything you’re out of luck. All the insurance agents are telling us this is new in the last six months and they are seeing people dropped everywhere because Arizona has a lot of rocks that cause damage to windshields.

  4. No tickets or any citations (moving or otherwise) for more than 30 years and State Farm is non-renewing my car insurance because their algorithm states my glass replacements are “accidents” on their books and I am a poor risk. In the past 18 months, I have had three windshield replacements, with full coverage on my 2018 Toyota Camry. I live in North Phoenix where there has been LOTS of construction. In the past 18 months, my car MAY have been driven 6000 miles. I have just had really bad luck on I-17 with debris coming off of gravel trucks or horse trailers. Now, as I my husband and I are searching insurance carriers, we are finding no one wants to insure this vehicle. Again, no tickets, no citations in over 30+ years…just glass claims from driving on the freeway.

    1. Yes. AAA boosted our rates for the same reason. I think I am going to drop the Full Glass Coverage and buy the W/S out of my pocket. It’s an old (2004) car and windshields for it are easy to come by and cheap, too. (they made millions of these cars)

  5. Your statements: Your auto insurance may include zero-deductible windshield replacement but it’s an optional coverage type.

    Then,this portion is misleading: Arizona windshields are covered by full glass insurance as a standard piece of comprehensive coverage.

    I have been an insurance agent for almost 20 yearas and one of my insureds brought this to my attention. The consumer reads this and thinks comprehensive coverage is having a deductible for comprehensive and that will get them a free windshield. We offer free chip repair if you carry comprehensive coverage, but you are required to have the endorsement if you want the glass Replaced, not repaired.

    Also, reading some of the comments. It is deceiving for an agent to say, you won’t get charged for a windshield claim. You may not get a surcharge with some companies, but it does count as a claim and may make you ineligible for certain discounts. You may also not be eligble for a renewal if there are other claims in the household. Just my two cents 🙂

  6. I recently went through the hassle of looking for new car insurance because the company that I was with raised my premiums by 38% after the first 6 months with them. I had no tickets/violations and only one windshield claim in the last 3 years. So when I checked with Progressive online they gave me a decent rate estimate. When I started to check out, a notice came up stating that my rate had been increased because of a windshield claim that they had from a report from CLUE. Why would my quote increase if I had reported it in the application, (did I even need to report it in the first place since I live in Arizona) and they gave me a quote based on that? It was an increase of over 20%. Also, on the same application, they offered comprehensive coverage at a lower cost than comp with $0 deductible. If I chose the standard comprehensive coverage would the insurance company still be on the hook to cover any claim that I made on a windshield/other glass at $0 deductible?