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Does Allstate Offer Senior Discounts?

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While it offers customers various ways to save money, Allstate does not offer senior discounts. There are still multiple ways for older adults to find lower car insurance rates from Allstate, so we’ll run through the provider’s top discounts below.

The best auto insurance companies combine affordable rates and standout coverage plans, and our team has uncovered the industry’s leading options. It’s smart to compare rates from multiple providers to determine which ones best cover your specific needs.

Does Allstate Offer Discounts for Older Adults? 

Senior discounts for car insurance typically apply for mature drivers over the age of 65 who take good driving courses or maintain clean driving records. While many companies provide savings opportunities for those in this age range, that’s not true across the board.

Allstate is one of the auto insurance companies that doesn’t offer senior discounts. It does have several programs, though, that older adults can use to save money on car insurance premiums.

List of Allstate Car Insurance Discounts

While Allstate does not offer senior discounts, there are plenty of programs that older adults can use to lower their car insurance costs. We’ll list out a few of the most common ones below:

Allstate DiscountsDiscount Description
Allstate eSmart® discountGo paperless with your Allstate documents to find better prices on car insurance coverage.
Anti-lock brake discountThose with working anti-lock brakes in their cars receive discounted rates for having this critical safety feature.
Anti-theft device discountAnti-theft devices lead to lowered car insurance premiums from Allstate.
Early Signing Discount®Sign your policy over a week before it goes into effect and you’ll find better rates.
EZ pay plan discountSetting up automatic withdrawals for your payments leads to decreased prices.
FullPay® discountPay your auto insurance policy in full to find some of the best rates.
Multiple policy discountBundling auto policies with homeowners insurance, renters coverage or life insurance can lead to significant savings.
New car discountBeing the owner of a new vehicle could save you money on your car policy.
Responsible payer discountThose who received zero cancellation notices for non-payment in the previous year get rewarded with Allstate auto insurance discounts.
Safe driving clubMotorists who meet the requirements for the Allstate safe driver discount get more competitive car insurance for senior citizens.

Additional Savings Opportunities From Allstate

Allstate does not offer senior discounts, but it does have a few optional programs that can lead to far lower car insurance rates. We’ll explain four of the most common ones below:

Safe Driving Bonus® Program

The Safe Driving Bonus program rewards safe drivers with credits to their car insurance policy. To be eligible for the program, motorists must have a clean driving record and be registered with Allstate. Once enrolled, policyholders earn bonuses for every six months of claims-free driving. 

Drivewise® Telematics Program

Those who download the Allstate mobile app and let it track their driving habits could potentially save money through Drivewise. The program will monitor your behaviors behind the wheel and lower your rates if it finds that you’re a responsible driver.

Note that your premiums could increase if you’ve got a bad driving record or are prone to speeding, hard braking or texting while driving. Drivewise may also be the wrong choice if you’re uncomfortable with Allstate tracking your movements while on the road.

Milewise® Usage-Based Program

Milewise is a pay-per-mile car insurance program that helps policyholders save money if they rarely get behind the wheel. With this program, you only pay for the miles that you drive. Since you’re only paying for actual miles driven, rates will likely decrease as mileage goes down.

Allstate does not offer senior discounts, but this is one option that many older adults can benefit from. If you plan to rarely get behind the wheel, Milewise could offer considerable savings.

Deductible Rewards® Program

Motorists who enroll in Allstate’s Deductible Rewards program receive $100 off their collision insurance deductible for each year they don’t get into an accident. This discount increases for up to five years, when drivers can receive $500 off of their collision deductibles.

Ways for Seniors To Save on Car Insurance

There are plenty of ways to save on auto insurance beyond Allstate offering senior discounts. Below are some of the easiest methods for senior drivers to find cheap car insurance.

Consider Your Coverage Limits

It’s necessary that your car meets your state’s minimum coverage limits for auto insurance. This usually means that you’ll need bodily injury and property damage liability insurance, and in some states you’ll have to get uninsured motorist coverage and personal injury protection too.

Beyond that, most drivers don’t need a full coverage auto insurance plan that includes collision coverage and comprehensive insurance. While they’ll lower your costs in the event of a car accident or severe weather, they’re optional.

It’s also possible for you to lower your coverage amounts if you currently exceed your state’s requirements. Most drivers would be smart to have more than minimum coverage if possible, but you aren’t required to if cutting costs is essential. Note that requirements are different in Florida than in New York, for instance, so be careful when cutting coverage.

Increase Your Insurance Deductible

You can increase your auto insurance deductible if you’d rather pay less per month but more out of pocket after an accident. Deductibles refer to how much money you’ll get charged by your car insurer before it starts paying for damages to your vehicle.

By increasing your deductible, you’ll have to pay more before your car insurance provider starts covering costs. However, you’ll most likely get a lower monthly rate for auto coverage.

Shop Around for Car Insurance Quotes

It’s smart to get multiple auto insurance quotes before landing on one provider. Allstate does not offer senior discounts, but many other insurance providers do. The only way to learn this information is by researching other options instead of purchasing right away from Allstate.

By shopping around for auto insurance quotes from legitimate companies, you’ll be able to find your best choice for cheap car insurance. Not all providers offer the same rates, so you may be able to find a more competitive price for quality coverage.

Make sure to only get quotes from reputable insurance providers, as giving personal details to the wrong site could put you at risk of scams. Many older adults turn to The Hartford for car insurance due to its partnership with AARP, but consider other options as well.

Our Recommendations for Auto Insurance

We’d suggest getting quotes from GEICO, USAA and State Farm if you’re looking for reputable sources of affordable car insurance. You’ll be able to find competitive discounts from these providers regardless of whether Allstate offers senior discounts or not.

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GEICO: Most Discount Options

GEICO is one of the most popular car insurance companies in the United States. It offers various coverage options and a plethora of discounts, making it an excellent choice for affordable auto insurance. GEICO also scored 4.4 out of 5.0 stars in our extensive review, making it one of the top-rated insurers in the U.S.

USAA: Best for Military

USAA is an excellent choice for military families looking for car insurance. The company offers discounts and perks specifically for those in the military, making it one of the most affordable options for active-duty members and veterans. In addition, USAA scored an impressive 4.5 stars out of 5.0 in our review, getting high marks for its price point and payment plans.

State Farm: Best Customer Experience

State Farm is a good choice for those with clean driving records. The company offers discounts to motorists who have been accident-free for five years or more, making it nearly perfect for those with responsible driving habits. State Farm scored well in our review, getting 4.6 stars overall and especially high marks for satisfaction with its insurance agents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can seniors bring down the cost of their car insurance?

There are several ways for seniors to find cheap auto insurance rates. Some practical tips include getting quotes from numerous providers, taking advantage of available discounts, taking defensive driving courses and increasing deductibles.

At what age does car insurance go down?

Car insurance rates are usually high until the age of 25, when premiums start declining. However, auto insurance rates usually start to climb again as older drivers reach their mid-60s.

What is the most effective way to reduce your car insurance premium

The most effective way to reduce your car insurance premium is to shop around and compare rates from different providers. You can also bundle home insurance with your auto policy or increase your plan’s deductible.

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