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Can You Get Mechanical Breakdown Insurance from Progressive?

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If you’re interested in getting mechanical breakdown insurance from Progressive, you’ll want to start considering other extended coverage options. In this article, we’ll talk about the history of Progressive’s mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI) offerings and alternative coverage plans that may meet your needs and budget.

MBI is just one type of coverage for long-term vehicle protection. You may decide an extended warranty is best for you. We’ve reviewed and ranked the best extended car warranty companies on the market, and you can click above to get free, no-obligation quotes from our top picks.

What is Mechanical Breakdown Insurance?

All new vehicles come with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers repairs due to material or workmanship defects. But when that warranty expires, you’re left on your own to pay for expensive repairs – unless you purchase extended auto protection.

One option to protect you against paying out of pocket for car repairs is MBI. Although it’s administered through an insurer, MBI differs from standard auto insurance. For example, collision and comprehensive coverage policies cover damage caused by an accident, vandalism, theft and weather. MBI only covers mechanical defects and breakdowns not related to a collision or another incident.

Can You Get Mechanical Breakdown Insurance from Progressive?

At the moment, Progressive does not offer mechanical breakdown insurance. Warranty Direct published a press release in 2016 announcing a partnership with Progressive to distribute a range of customizable MBI plans called Progressive Advantage® Mechanical Repair plans. However, Progressive does not currently have any information about these plans on its website. The link to Progressive’s MBI information included in the press release now redirects consumers to Progressive’s homepage.

Warranty Direct’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) page currently has an alert that the company is out of business. Our review team also got a privacy alert when we tried to access the company’s listed website via desktop and mobile.

Progressive’s Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Plans

According to the 2016 press release, Progressive offered multiple customizable plan options, including:

  • Protection for older vehicles (up to 199,999 miles)
  • Wrap around packages
  • New car warranties
  • Powertrain coverage

The press release did not offer specific pricing or plan information. However, it stated that a 24-month, no-fee financing option was available, and customers could get repairs performed at any licensed repair facility.

Will There Be a New Progressive Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Plan?

It seems unlikely that Progressive will bring back MBI plans, as the company has no information about MBI on its website. Fortunately, you have other options. You can opt for MBI coverage from an insurance company like GEICO, or you can explore the benefits of extended car warranties.

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance vs. an Extended Warranty

If you’re looking for long-term coverage and are trying to decide between mechanical breakdown insurance or extended auto warranties, you should consider the pros and cons of each option. Below, we’ve compared both coverage options based coverage, cost, term limits, repair flexibility and reliability.


Extended car warranty companies provide several coverage options to choose from – our top-rated providers offer between four and six coverage plans. By comparison, most insurers only offer one MBI policy.


In the long run, MBI coverage is usually less expensive than an extended warranty. However, MBI policies typically come with a high deductible range from $200 to $500. With an extended warranty, deductible options often start at $0, giving you peace of mind that you’ll never have to worry about being able to afford a repair. 

Term Limits

A disadvantage of mechanical breakdown insurance is that plans have shorter term limits compared to extended warranties. For example, GEICO mechanical breakdown insurance will cover you up to 7 years/100,000 miles, but a third-party provider can protect your vehicle up to 250,000 miles. Term lengths are important to consider, as repairing a vehicle usually becomes more expensive as it ages. 

Repair Flexibility

As far as repair shops go, most third-party extended warranties and MBI allow you to have repairs performed at any licensed facility. However, manufacturer extended warranties often require repairs to be made at the dealership.


One distinct benefit of MBI is that it’s an insurance product, so your state government regulates it. With so many auto warranty scam calls, it can be difficult to trust that you’re getting a legitimate service. However, if you choose one of the industry’s most reputable auto warranty providers, you can rest assured that you’re getting quality coverage.

Below, we’ve compared MBI and extended warranties head to head.

Breakdown Insurance
Extended Warranty
Extended Warranty
Eligible VehiclesUsed cars with fewer
than 15,000 miles
New cars and some used cars
from dealerships
Most vehicles, regardless
of age or mileage
Coverage LimitVaries
(7 years/100,000 miles
VariesUp to 15 years/250,000 miles,
depending on the provider
Payment SchedulePayment planPay upfront
or on a monthly payment plan
Pay upfront
or on a monthly payment plan
Average CostAbout $100 per yearVaries$1,700 to $4,000 total
DeductibleTypically $250$0 to $250$0 to $250
*Figures vary by provider.

Our Picks for Best Extended Car Warranties

You may decide an extended warranty is a better investment for you. With so many providers to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start your research. That’s why we took a look at every major third-party extended warranty company and narrowed the options based on coverage variety, costs, customer reviews and more. Based on the results of our industry-wide review, we recommend Endurance and CARCHEX.

Endurance: Best Overall

Endurance is a direct service provider, meaning it handles all claims and payments directly instead of going through a third-party administrator. Endurance customers can choose between six coverage options, each of which comes with a free year of Endurance Elite Benefits. This includes perks like roadside assistance, ID theft coverage, total loss protection, repair financing, key fob replacement, and tire repairs or replacements.

Learn more about this provider in our full Endurance warranty review.

CARCHEX: Best for Used Cars

If your car has seen a lot of road but still has life left in it, CARCHEX is our top recommendation for you. The provider offers term limits up to 10 years/250,000 miles. CARCHEX holds an A+ rating and accreditation from the BBB. The provider also partners with many major industry players, including Kelley Blue Book, CARFAX and

Learn more about this provider in our comprehensive CARCHEX review.

Frequently Asked Questions About MBI

Is it worth getting mechanical breakdown insurance?

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to extended vehicle protection, but mechanical breakdown insurance is worth considering. If you feel comfortable paying for out-of-pocket repairs or plan on selling your vehicle before the factory warranty expires, MBI may not be worth it. However, many drivers appreciate the peace of mind MBI gives them.

Which insurance companies offer mechanical breakdown coverage?

Not all major insurance providers offer mechanical breakdown insurance, but these auto insurers offer MBI plans: AAA, Allstate, GEICO and Liberty Mutual.

Does AAA offer mechanical breakdown insurance?

AAA offers several vehicle protection plans, including MBI. Your vehicle may be eligible for AAA’s protection plan if it is under 15 model years old and has less than 150,000 miles on it. Coverage term limits can be customized to meet individual drivers’ needs, ranging from 1 month/1,000 miles to 7 years/230,000 miles, depending on where you live. Read more in our AAA extended warranty review.