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Can You Get Auto Insurance on the Weekend?

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There is not an easy answer to the question of whether or not you can get auto insurance on the weekend, as it depends on a lot of factors. While it is possible for you to get a car insurance policy on the weekend, only some insurance companies will give you the option to do so. It will also depend on how you plan on buying a car. Understanding how to get auto insurance on the weekend is crucial, as you need coverage the second you drive your new car off the lot. Many states require liability coverage and collision coverage.

In addition to sharing with you everything you need to know about buying auto insurance on the weekend, our team has also reviewed the best car insurance companies.

Can You Get Auto Insurance on the Weekend?

As we mentioned earlier, whether you can get auto insurance on the weekend will depend on your insurance company. It is more likely that this will be an option if you have a larger insurance company. The reason for this is because bigger companies are more likely to have agents on hand to assist you. You would typically call the agent and pay for your insurance over the phone. The agent would then email you a policy that will act as proof of insurance.

Some companies may even let you complete most of the process online. This practice is especially common among insurance providers that are larger or more digitally focused.

You are less likely to be able to get insurance on the weekend if you choose a smaller insurance provider. If you suspect you may have problems obtaining insurance on the weekend, consider contacting your insurance company ahead of time to find out when they are open and have insurance agents available.

For that matter, it is wise to confirm your insurance company’s weekend hours regardless of the size of the company. This way, you don’t find yourself scrambling to figure out what to do with your new car that you can’t drive off the lot or trying to find an insurance company that is open on the weekend.

While you would likely find a provider that is open on the weekend, calling around and taking the first policy you get is likely to end poorly for your pocketbook. You will not be able to compare prices or coverage options, so you will likely get slightly higher car insurance quotes. 

Car Insurance Grace Period

If you already have an existing policy for a previous car, then you may not even have to worry about getting car insurance on the weekend. That is because many companies offer existing policyholders grace periods in which they can set up their insurance on a new second vehicle.

However, do not assume that your company offers this grace period, as not all of them do. Additionally, you will want to get a copy of the relevant clause in your policy that pertains to this grace period in writing. If a police officer pulls you over, they may not be willing to accept the grace period. You could likely fight a citation for not having insurance if you are in the grace period, but it can be expensive and time consuming.

You should also keep in mind that you can’t use a grace period when financing a new car. That is because the lender will not be willing to approve the loan without proof of insurance coverage on the vehicle. Doing so would simply pose too much of a financial risk.

It is also important to remember that this grace period will only apply if you already have auto insurance. You will not find any auto insurance companies that offer grace periods on a new policy. This simply is not something that is available.

Because of that, you also won’t be able to take advantage of a grace period if you plan on switching to a new insurance provider. After all, you will be a new customer and therefore not eligible for the grace period.

What if You Can’t Get Auto Insurance on the Weekend?

As mentioned previously, you may not always be able to get an auto insurance policy on the weekend. For instance, you may not be able to do so if you don’t already have auto insurance or if you plan on changing insurance companies. You may also not be able to get insurance over the weekend if your insurance company is small.

So, what do you do in these cases? Start by planning ahead. If you are switching companies or getting auto insurance for the first time, be sure and confirm that your new insurance company is open on the weekends. If your insurance company is small, check their hours so you know if they are open on the weekend.

This way, you can go to the car dealership knowing that you will be able to get auto insurance on the weekend. That should reduce your stress levels, as you will not have to figure out a solution at the last minute.

The obvious solution is to buy your car on a weekday instead of a weekend. That way, your insurance company will be open, and this will not be an issue. However, this is much easier said than done. 

If buying your car on a weekday is not an option, you are not completely out of luck. You can still shop for a car on the weekend, but ask the dealer to hold your car until Monday. Your Monday appointment to handle the purchase should be quick, as you will already have chosen your car and taken care of all the other details. 

Just keep in mind that not all dealerships will offer this option. Additionally, they will likely ask you to pay a deposit on the car to show them you are serious about going through with the purchase.

If you plan on asking the dealership to hold your car until Monday, make sure that this is an option by asking them. Don’t just assume that the dealership will allow it, especially without your providing a deposit.

Our Recommendations for Auto Insurance

Whether you need insurance on the weekend or are just in search of a good auto insurance policy in general, we suggest GEICO, USAA, and State Farm. All three of these companies are large, so you should have no issue getting a policy on the weekend.

Compare Car Insurance Rates

Enter your zip code and answer a few simple questions to find the best rates in your area.

GEICO: Best Overall

After careful analysis, we awarded GEICO the title of best overall insurance company with an overall rating of 9.1 out of 10.0. This includes ratings of 9.4 for cost, an 8.5 for coverage, and a 9.0 for customer experience. GEICO also earned an impressive 9.8 for industry reputation. 

USAA: Best Military Provider

USAA is an excellent option for those who are eligible: military members and their families. It earned a 9.3 for industry reputation and customer experience, a 10.0 for cost, and a 9.5 for coverage, giving it an average overall rating of 9.6 out of 10.0.

State Farm: Best Student Discounts

Our team awarded State Farm a rating of 9.1 out of 10.0. This includes a 9.9 for industry reputation, meaning the insurer ties with GEICO and a select few others for the highest rating in this category. State Farm also received a rating of 9.0 for coverage and cost, and an 8.8 for customer experience.

FAQ: Buying Auto Insurance on the Weekend

Can you get car insurance for weekends only?

No, you cannot get car insurance for only on the weekends. You can, however, get discounts on car insurance if you maintain low mileage on your car by limiting your driving, such as not driving on weekdays. You may also qualify for other discounts.

Can you get insured on a Sunday?

Yes, you can get insured on a Sunday. However, not every insurance company will offer this as an option. You should always confirm that your insurance provider is open on the weekends ahead of time to prevent unexpected stress or hassles.

Do insurance companies work on weekends?

Some car insurance companies do work on weekends, but not all do. If you plan on getting a new car over the weekend, confirm that your insurance company will be open.

Is car insurance more expensive during the weekend?

Some companies may charge you more for car insurance if you get your policy over the weekend. The companies do this because they know it is harder to find insurance on the weekend and thus take advantage of that fact by upping the price. However, not all companies charge more on the weekends. Whether you get a policy on the weekend or on a weekday, the best method of getting a great deal will always be to comparison shop.

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