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Auto Insurance for SSI Recipients: What You Need to Know

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If you rely on Supplemental Security Income (SSI), you may be wondering whether there are any programs through which you can get discounted auto insurance coverage. Unfortunately, there is no specialty auto insurance for SSI recipients, but there are a few ways you can lower your car insurance payments, which we’ll go through in this article.

One of the best ways to get inexpensive coverage is to compare multiple car insurance quotes from different companies. Each insurer weighs things like your driving record, the type of car you own and your age differently, so you’ll likely find varying rates between companies. To start getting free quotes from the best car insurance providers near you, enter your zip code above.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Auto Insurance

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a federal program designed by the Social Security Administration to provide monthly disability benefits to cover basic needs for disabled and elderly people who have limited income and few resources. 

The maximum monthly income is $794 per person or $1,191 per couple. If you have another source of income, the SSI payment will be lower. Also, with the exception of Arizona, North Dakota, West Virginia and Mississippi, 46 states and the District of Columbia provide additional SSI cash benefits. (For more information on social security benefits, social security disability insurance or SSI benefits, visit

If a person has special needs, a special needs trust can be established to fund personal effects, including homes and vehicles. They can also help pay for auto insurance for SSI recipients. The funds in these trusts do not impact an individual’s SSI benefits eligibility.

Auto insurance coverage for SSI recipients can be more expensive because insurance companies find elderly and disabled people statistically riskier to insure. But there are ways to nab cheap car insurance nonetheless. 

Do SSI Recipients Get Special Auto Insurance Rates?

While SSI recipients can get health coverage through Medicaid or food assistance through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), there is no federal assistance program for auto insurance for SSI recipients.

Most states don’t offer reductions for auto insurance for SSI recipients, either. Only three states – California, Hawaii and New Jersey – have government auto insurance programs that assist low-income residents. Maryland also has a similar program, but it’s not government-funded.

Depending on your disability, insurance can be more expensive, especially if your medical condition has been reported as a driving hazard to the state by your medical provider. This may label you a high-risk driver, which means you’ll need to find the least costly high-risk insurance coverage. 

Tips for Saving Money on Insurance While on SSI

When it comes to saving money on car insurance, it doesn’t matter whether you’re receiving SSI benefits or not – the same tips apply. How much your car insurance policy will cost depends on where you live, your age, the make and model of the vehicle you drive, your driving record, and other details. 

One of the most important factors companies use to determine insurance rates is your credit score. Paying bills on time and not carrying a balance on your credit cards can quickly raise your score, which insurance companies consider when quoting a price. You can also try to bundle your life insurance, health insurance and auto insurance policies with the same company, which generally leads to discounted rates.

Other actions worth considering include taking a safe driving course, or adding adaptive equipment to your automobile that’s tailored to your disability, something insurance companies tend to consider when quoting a rate.

Also, consider usage-based insurance, which can reduce the cost of your insurance plan if you don’t drive many miles per year.

Final Thoughts: Auto Insurance for SSI Recipients

While there are no special rates for auto insurance for SSI recipients, and finding a company willing to provide inexpensive insurance premiums takes time, you can help stack the deck in your favor by choosing a car that costs less to insure, keep a clean driving record, maintain a high credit score and consider taking a safe driving course. Finally, make sure your car has the equipment needed to make driving a vehicle with your disability easier, which auto insurance companies look favorably on.

Our Recommendations for Auto Insurance

If you need a new auto insurance policy, it pays to get quotes from more than one insurer or to use an online price comparison tool, which can help you quickly find the lowest cost car insurance rates. You can get started by entering your zip code below.

Most Discount Options: GEICO

The nation’s second-largest insurer earns our 5th ranking. Our team of insurance experts gives GEICO an overall score of 4.4 out of 5.0 for its low prices and easy-to-use apps. In addition, the company gives many discounts on insurance, including those for service members and students.

Best for Military: USAA

Although USAA is available only to the service members, veterans and their families, we give the insurer a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 for its great industry reputation, low costs and positive customer reviews. Plus, USAA holds an A++ rating from AM Best, which means it has a superior ability to pay out customer claims.

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Can SSI help you get a car?

No, the SSI program itself can’t help you get a car, but SSI back pay can be used as a down payment or monthly car payment. It’s important to note that If you receive SSI benefits, you can only own one car for use as transportation for you and your family members.

What insurance comes with SSI?

Usually, if you’re approved for SSI, you’re approved for Medicaid and any other government benefit programs for which you meet eligibility requirements.

What government programs or discounts can help you lower your auto insurance payments?

If you live in California, New Jersey or Hawaii, you’re in luck. These states offer government auto insurance assistance for paying car insurance coverage if your car insurance rates are too expensive. Typically, eligibility requirements state that households must spend up to 30% of their income on auto insurance alone and have qualifying income only up to 250% of the poverty income level, although each state’s eligibility requirements are different.

Is car insurance cheaper if you’re disabled?

Disabled drivers may find it hard to get cheap car insurance despite the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which makes it illegal for insurance companies to charge higher car insurance rates for drivers with a disability.

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