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Auto Insurance for Police Officers

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Life as a law enforcement officer can be incredibly stressful. Fortunately, many companies have shown their appreciation for the profession by offering discounts and saving opportunities on auto insurance policies. There are even ways to save money on auto insurance specifically for police officers.

If you want to get connected with an auto insurance company, we can help with that, too. Our experts have reviewed every major car insurance company in the nation, including GEICO, Nationwide, Allstate, State Farm and USAA. 

We have taken that information and identified the best insurers so that you can choose the right provider for your specific needs. If you would like to start obtaining free quotes on car insurance rates right now, try out our rate comparison tool above by simply entering your zip code.

Are There Auto Insurance Discounts Available for Police Officers?

Drivers that are employed as law enforcement officers have access to special discounts that can save them hundreds of dollars each year on car insurance. Most of the large insurance companies offer these types of discounts.

The average cost of car insurance for a police officer will vary from state to state. For example, auto insurance is much more expensive in California than it is in Montana. This is due to factors like the number of cars on the road and the population density.

However, as a general rule, police officers tend to pay a few hundred dollars less per year for car insurance than other drivers in their states. In 2019, the average 6-month premium cost for police officers insured with GEICO was $602. State Farm rates were also low, coming in at $647. 

These figures are an average across all states. As such, your specific place of residence will impact your exact rates.

Which Insurance Providers Offer Discounts to Police Officers?

The two companies mentioned above, GEICO and State Farm, are just a few insurance providers that offer discounted auto insurance for police officers. Virtually every major insurance company offers discounts for law enforcement officers. Most of the smaller providers also offer car insurance discounts to cops. 

Some companies, like Progressive, offer a specific discount for members of law enforcement. Other companies offer a general discount for government employees, which police officers qualify for. 

When you are considering getting an insurance policy from a company, make sure to ask how its discount program is configured. You can do so by contacting your local insurance agent or conducting research on your own using the company’s website.

Even if a company has a discount specifically for police officers, it still may not be the cheapest rate available. That is why we recommend comparing multiple quotes before making your final decision. Once you have found a great deal, you can complete your purchase in 6 easy steps.

Is There Car Insurance Just for Police Officers?

Currently, there is no one insurance company that specializes in auto insurance for police officers. There is, however, Star & Shield Insurance Exchange (SSIE), a brokerage that caters to police officers, military personnel, EMS and other kinds of first responders.

SSIE serves as a middleman to help you find great rates with an insurance provider. It does not service the policy itself. 

While SSIE is a highly reputable company, you can often obtain cheaper rates by shopping around on your own and dealing directly with insurers. You can also bundle homeowner’s or renter’s insurance with your auto policy when you work with a major insurance company.

Remember, SSIE is a business, too. The company gets a small commission by selling you a policy. This means that your rates are bound to be a bit higher. Making changes to your policy can also be challenging when you have to deal with two separate companies instead of a single insurance agency.

In addition to discounts for police officers, you may be eligible for organization-related savings. For instance, many companies offer additional discounts to officers that are members of the Fraternal Order of Police. 

If you are a part of a police union, make sure to ask about discounts when you’re shopping for coverage.

How are Law Enforcement Officers Classified by Auto Insurance Companies?

When providing policy quotes, insurance companies analyze several factors, including a driver’s profession. Certain professions are considered to make drivers higher or lower risk policyholders. However, some states, like New York, limit what criteria insurance companies can analyze when setting rates.

Most insurance companies deem police officers to be low-risk drivers due to several factors. For instance, police officers often receive specialized driving training, which makes them safer overall. In addition, law enforcement professionals tend to be involved in fewer at-fault accidents.

Are There Special Types of Coverage Available to Police Officers?

In addition to discounted rates, there are also some special types of auto insurance for police officers. Some states, such as Hawaii, allow officers to use their personal vehicle for work. These departments reimburse the officer for a portion of the vehicle’s cost and maintenance fees. Officers that take advantage of this program need special coverage.

Depending on the provider, police officers may be eligible for deductible-free full coverage auto policies to cover on-duty accidents. Officers may also need to add on equipment coverage to protect work equipment when they are off-duty. 

Adding these kinds of coverage can ensure that there are no gaps in protection in between work assignments.

How Else Can Police Officers Save on Auto Insurance?

When providing you with a policy quote, car insurance companies assess everything. Factors such as your gender, age, place of residence and driving record will all come into play at this time. Your type of vehicle will also drastically impact your rates. 

For example, insuring a brand-new truck will be more costly than protecting an older sedan that is paid off.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to lower rates in addition to police officer discounts. When shopping for a new policy, be on the lookout for:

  • Multi-policy discounts
  • Safe driver discounts
  • Discounts for bundling life insurance or other coverages
  • Low mileage discounts
  • Savings for paying insurance premiums upfront

Do not jump at the first offer you receive, either. Make sure to take your time and shop around first. This is the key to unlocking big savings on your auto insurance for police officers.

Our Recommendations for Auto Insurance

If you are ready to start reviewing rates, try out our no-obligation rate comparison tool below. All you need to do is enter your zip code to begin. Within minutes, you can review rates from top companies like USAA and GEICO. 

Next, find out what our experts thought of these two industry giants in our recap below.

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GEICO: Most Discount Options

GEICO is one of the top options for car insurance recommended by our experts. Earning a cumulative score of 4.4 out of 5.0, it’s among the top scores in each of our categories. GEICO offers tons of coverage add-ons and discounts. It was also one of the cheapest providers of auto insurance for police officers.

USAA: Best for Military

USAA earned the title of “Best for Military”, receiving a cumulative score of 4.5 out of 10.0. USAA is known for providing excellent customer service and flexible insurance coverage options. It scored an excellent 4.8 in both our coverage and affordability categories.


Do cops get cheaper auto insurance?

Typically, auto insurance for police officers is a bit cheaper. This is because cops tend to be involved in fewer accidents and are therefore considered to be low-risk drivers.

Does USAA cover law enforcement?

No, USAA only offers coverage to military personnel and their immediate relatives. If an officer is a veteran or reservist, then they can likely get a policy through USAA.

How much insurance do police officers need on their vehicles?

It depends. Police officers need special coverage if they are using their personal vehicles for work purposes. They may also need supplemental coverage if they will be using their work vehicle to participate in special overtime assignments.

Why do law enforcement officers get cheaper auto insurance rates?

Law enforcement officers are considered to be low-risk drivers. This is due to the driving training they receive and other factors, such as their comprehensive understanding of the rules of the road.

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