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Is Online Driver’s Ed Free?

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  • Online driver’s ed course prices vary by location and provider. 
  • Free online driver education programs typically do not carry state approval. 
  • State licensing authorities and driver’s manuals provide excellent study material for permit and licensing exams.  

Featured Driver’s Education Providers

We reviewed the industry’s top driver’s education programs, and here are our featured picks.

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Most states require new drivers to take a driver’s ed class as part of the driving permit or license application process. Sometimes, driver’s ed courses and driving lessons can become a significant expense. Below, we discuss the cost of driver’s ed, how to choose the best course for your needs, free driver’s ed resources, and more.

Is Online Driver’s Ed Free In My State?

Currently, no state-approved online driver’s ed course is available for free. However, reputable online course providers do what they can to provide affordable access, including new driver discounts and course bundles. 

While searching for an affordable online driver education course, you may come across courses listed as free. Unfortunately, these courses may not carry state approval – and they may not contain up-to-date information regarding driving laws. 

Remember, most states require a driver’s ed program to adhere to strict standards for approval. Ensure any online course you take to earn your driver license carries the approval of your state’s licensing authority.

How Much Does Online Driver’s Ed Cost?

Standalone online driver’s ed courses may cost anywhere from $5 to $100, depending on course length, content, and provider. 

Some programs offer an online course paired with a test or behind-the-wheel driving lessons, which can increase the course cost. Always compare provider course prices before committing to a class. 

Choosing The Right Driver’s Ed Course

If driver’s ed is required in your state, you’ve probably come across many online course options. Some qualities to look for when choosing an online course include: 

  • Upfront course pricing
  • Outstanding customer reviews
  • Strong customer service availability
  • Detailed descriptions of course content
  • A strong refund policy or money-back guarantee
  • Up-to-date approval from appropriate state licensing agencies

During our research, we evaluated prominent online driver’s ed providers for the above qualities and more. 

Our Top Driver’s Ed Providers 

We ranked the leading providers of online driver’s ed courses and built a list of the top online driver’s ed providers. Here are our top five picks for online driver training: 

  1. Aceable
  4. Drivers Ed Direct
  5. Safe2Drive

These providers have been vetted by countless satisfied customers and offer a wide selection of legitimate, approved courses across many states. Course availability may vary by provider. Check your state’s page on the provider’s website to find up-to-date course information. 

Free Driver’s Ed Resources

Although there are no free state-approved driver’s ed courses, free resources exist to help new or teen drivers gain the skills they need to succeed. 

Free Practice Permit Questions

Some websites offer free access to permit test practice questions. Note that these websites do not guarantee the material presented on a practice test will appear on an official permit test. Some providers of free permit practice quizzes or tests include: 

Videos and Games

Some driver’s ed class providers provide free access to resource libraries, including games or instructional videos. These can be a valuable addition to your required hours of driving practice, and are a great way for first-time drivers to learn about driving safety before even getting behind the wheel. Examples include: 

Other Ways To Study For Free

Ready to hit the books? Driver handbooks and state licensing websites typically offer a wealth of information to help you learn the rules of the road and pass your license tests. 

Driver’s Handbooks

Driver’s handbooks provide the best resource for preparing to obtain a learner permit or license. These useful manuals contain specific licensing requirements, solutions to common traffic issues, and information relating to road signs, traffic laws, and highway safety. 

Check out our permit study guide or visit the appropriate Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or licensing website for a digital copy of your state’s driver’s handbook

DMV Or State Licensing Websites

While grabbing your digital driver’s handbook, look around your DMV or licensing agency’s website for other need-to-know information, including answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), driving school recommendations, and more. 

Start Your Driving Journey Now

Ready to start the journey toward obtaining your permit or license? Learn about driver’s ed requirements in your state and other critical information by continuing to browse our blog. 

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