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Driver’s Ed Study Guide: Sample Questions and Answers

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Crash Course:

  • Driver’s ed and permit test questions vary by state. 
  • The best way to prepare for driver’s ed and the permit test is to study your state’s driver handbook. 
  • Licensing agency websites offer informational resources, links to driver education schools, office location maps, and other useful tools for driver’s ed studying.  

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Many new drivers must take driver’s ed to obtain a permit or license. If you’re about to take an online or traditional driver’s ed course, you can get a head start by brushing up on the expectations and reviewing the sample materials, questions, and resources below.

How To Prepare For Your Permit Or Driver’s License Test 

Driver’s ed is one of the best ways to prepare for obtaining your permit or driver’s license. These courses are required in most states and cover state-specific traffic laws, driving procedures, safe driving techniques, and other critical information. 

In addition to driver’s ed courses, your state’s licensing agency typically offers application information, answers to frequently asked questions, and other valuable resources. 

What Should I Expect From Driver’s Ed? 

If you need to take driver’s ed to obtain a permit or license in your state, you can plan to study subjects such as: 

  • State traffic laws and road rules
  • Defensive driving
  • How to share the road and right of way
  • How to operate vehicles safely in hazardous conditions
  • Traffic signals and traffic signs
  • Work zones and railroad crossings  
  • Pavement markings
  • Blind spots 
  • Alcohol and drug awareness including blood alcohol concentration specifics

Typically, information is broken up into units or chapters. Lessons may feature text, video, and other interactive elements. At the end of each chapter, your driver’s ed course may require you to pass a knowledge test. 

Most driver education courses require students to pass an online test or a written test that serves as a final exam. This final exam may sometimes double as a state-required permit knowledge exam.

Driver’s Ed Tests and Quizzes: Practice Questions and Answers

If you’re preparing to take driver’s ed, remember that traffic laws vary even though driving practices from state to state may remain similar. For this reason, driver’s ed in one state may cover different material than a similar course in another state. 

Some sample driver’s ed and permit test practice questions include: 

Sample Test QuestionSample Answer
After passing a car, it is safe to return to your driving lane when: You can see the headlights of the vehicle you passed in your rearview mirror
What does this road sign mean:
Do Not Enter
True or false: a driver may pass another vehicle by driving over the shoulder of the road. False
True or false: a driver must signal left or right when changing lanes. True
True or false: drivers are not required to yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk. False

Find your state’s specific traffic laws and critical test information in your state’s driver manual – see below for links to the manual for each state. 

Find Practice Permit Tests Online

Many websites offer practice tests – here are a few examples to get you started: 

Videos and Games to Help You Prepare

You can find free access online to resource libraries that include games or instructional videos. These can be a good way for first-time drivers to learn the rules of the road before sharpening their driving skills on the streets. Examples include: 

Other Ways To Prepare For Driver’s Ed

The best way to prepare yourself for driver’s ed is to study the material you’ll encounter in the course. Because approved driver’s ed courses must adhere to state requirements, much of the information in these courses can also be found on your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or licensing agency website and in your state’s driver’s handbook or manual. 

DMV And Licensing Agency Websites

DMV and licensing agency websites provide information for new and experienced drivers alike. On these websites, users can find links to various licensing processes, instructions on how to renew your license, lists of acceptable identification documents, and much more. 

Driver Handbooks By State

Reading your state’s driver’s manual can give you a significant advantage when starting a driver’s ed course. Click on your state below to get started.

CaliforniaMichiganRhode Island
ColoradoMinnesotaSouth Carolina
ConnecticutMississippiSouth Dakota
IdahoNew HampshireVirginia
IllinoisNew JerseyWashington
IndianaNew MexicoWest Virginia
IowaNew YorkWisconsin
KansasNorth CarolinaWyoming
KentuckyNorth Dakota

Free Driver’s Ed Resources

While no state-approved driver’s ed course is free, many providers offer helpful resources for free via their websites. Read our free driver’s ed roundup to learn more. 

What To Do Next 

If you’re preparing to take driver’s ed or earn your learner’s permit, the next step is to find the right driver’s ed course for your needs. Visit our list of top online driver’s ed courses to find an approved course offered by a trusted provider in your area.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Driver’s Ed

Is driver’s ed required in my state?

Most states require some form of driver’s ed to obtain a permit or license for the first time. Some states require new drivers to complete a course regardless of age. Visit our state driver’s ed guide to learn about driver’s ed requirements in your area.

Is online driver’s ed free?

No state-approved online driver’s ed course is free. Costs for online driver’s ed courses vary by state, provider, and required components. Courses featuring behind-the-wheel lesson components or driving tests may cost more.

Is online driver’s ed legit?

Online driver’s ed courses must adhere to strict state standards. Look for approval from your state’s DMV or licensing authority before registering for an online course.

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