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Best Luxury SUV Warranty

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Which Luxury SUV Has The Best Warranty?

The best Luxury SUV warranty is going to depend on what you value the most in a warranty and which brands you prefer. Here are some examples of some top SUV warranty programs for luxury options, including how you can navigate between them and find the one that works the best for you specifically.


Buick has quite a few SUVs available and their luxury warranty option is extensive. It starts with a fairly basic 4 year or 50,000 miles option that goes bumper to bumper. However, for new cars, you get the 6-year option. You also get roadside assistance through that time as well as the courtesy option where you get another vehicle if your car has to go in for repairs. On top of that, you get even more warranties available for SUVs that have the eAssist mild-hybrid system on them. This goes up to a whopping 8 years or 100,000 miles You get battery replacement on this program as well, which is important because it tends to be fairly expensive.


One great luxury warranty option is for Cadillac. This is a 4-year or 50,000 miles option for one of the most luxurious car makers around. Believe it or not, Cadillac actually does have several SUV options in the new year, including the XT4, the XT5, and the XT6. If you buy one of these Cadillac options new, you get a 6-year and 70,000-mile option for a powertrain limited warranty. Included with this package is roadside assistance for the same amount of time as well as the courtesy option for if there’s a problem with your Cadillac SUV.


Jaguar has several sports utility vehicles that people would consider luxury options for sure. This includes especially the F-type model and the E-Pace model among many others. It’s worth noting that there are also the F-Pace models, so be sure to not mix these up.

Jaguar has the advantage of upgrading its standard warranty from 4 years and 50,000 miles to 5 years and 60,000 miles, so if the standard warranty option is important to you, then you will definitely like Jaguar Luxury SUV options for this very reason. Jaguar is also known as one of the more luxurious brands around, so it will be a solid option for you for a warranty if you really want a top-of-the-line SUV for luxury.

Over the course of 4 years, you get warranty options for covering paint surfaces. This means that you can automatically keep your Jag in top shape without having to worry about paying extra for it during that time period. The unlimited mileage corrosion warranty is also included in this standard plan. You also get all factory-recommended scheduled maintenance covered over the course of the 5 years as well.
Roadside assistance is also included in all of this as well.


This brand has several Luxury SUV options that come with a great warranty, including the X series for X2, X5, and others. You get the standard 4 years or 50,000 miles option and the 4-year option for roadside assistance that has unlimited mileage. This is a serious benefit for people who tend to drive a lot at the beginning of the owner since there’s no limit for mileage. This means that if you know you’re going to be taking a lot of trips and traveling a long way, then you will know that you’re completely covered. That way you can splurge a bit with how far you go.

If you happen to buy a 2017 model, then you’re also covered with free scheduled maintenance for 3 years. This is a serious advantage, and you can tell about how serious an advantage it is since BMW actually reduced the coverage at one point since it used to actually be 4 years.

Choosing the Best

The best luxury option for you for warranty as well as for an SUV overall is definitely going to depend on your particular circumstance. If you want to get more for a basic warranty then Jaguar gives you quite a lot right off the bat. If you like 2017 models for BMW SUV luxury options, then you get some extra free maintenance that could definitely make the case for you as well.

Otherwise, it’s going to come down to which brand you like the most, what vehicle appeals to you the most, and other conditions besides. For example, if you like the e-assist program with the free battery replacement, then it’s reasonable to have this option sway your thinking on what would be the safest vehicle to go for due to the warranty that they get. You should really go with whatever makes you feel the safest when it comes to your financial investment, and that’s something that is completely up to you in the end.

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