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AAA Driver’s Ed Review: Courses & Prices for 2023

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  • AAA offers competitively priced driver education courses for teens and seniors. 
  • Courses are self-paced and fully online giving students flexibility to learn at their own pace. 
  • Our review team shares an overview of AAA courses including costs and how to get started.

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If you’re shopping around for the best online driver’s ed or senior driver courses, you’ve probably seen courses offered by AAA and many other providers. With so many driver’s ed classes available, you want to ensure you choose the best option for your needs. 

To help you narrow down your choices, we take an in-depth look at what AAA has to offer for online driver education. Learn about course costs, course content, AAA’s reputation, and other important details before you sign up. 

AAA Driver’s Ed Pros and Cons


  • Online courses
  • Trusted reputation
  • Self-paced delivery
  • Strong refund policy
  • Multimedia course content


  • Limited mobile accessibility
  • Few state-approved courses
  • Generic courses for unapproved states

How Much Do AAA Driver’s Ed Courses Cost? 

Interested young drivers and seniors seeking supplemental driver education can expect AAA to provide affordable and competitively-priced courses. 

Our team looked at courses offered through AAA in all available states and found that prices can range from $15.95-$105 per course. Actual course costs depend on location and type of course selected.

AAA offers special course discounts to registered members. See the AAA website for your location to learn more about membership costs, policies, and benefits. 

Availability for some AAA online courses may also vary by state. To determine the price and availability of a given course, visit the AAA website and, if prompted, enter your zip code and login to your AAA account or continue as a guest. 

Driver’s Ed Courses Offered by AAA

Our team found both driver’s ed and senior driver education courses offered through AAA. These programs target different audiences and provide curriculums that vary by course and location. 

AAA How To Drive Online

AAA’s How To Drive Online novice driver’s ed program focuses primarily on supplementing driver education for teens and young adults. For this reason, most How To Drive Online courses do not carry state approval and should only be used to build on state-approved driver’s ed. 

While programming varies from state to state, all How to Drive Online courses share the following features: 

  • Fully online and self-paced
  • Up-to-date information from expert sources
  • Multimedia presentation and interactive content to keep students engaged
  • Optional parent training to educate parents on the process of learning to drive  

AAA does offer state-approved courses in some select locations, such as California, for teens to fulfill their state requirements for driver’s ed. To find out whether a course in your state comes backed with state approval, select your location from the drop-down menu on the AAA How To Drive Online home page. 

AAA Roadwise Driver 

The AAA Roadwise Driver program helps mature drivers become better, safer drivers. Through research-backed guidance and tips on subjects like comfort, visibility, medications, and more, this program prepares senior drivers for the unique challenges they face. 

As a bonus for their dedication to driver safety, many mature drivers receive a discount from their insurance providers for taking courses like AAA’s Roadwise Driver. Check with your insurance provider to learn more. 

What To Expect From AAA Driver’s Ed Courses

AAA works to help interested drivers find and register for their desired courses quickly and easily. Simply visit your course’s appropriate website, select your location from the drop-down menu, and enter your ZIP code if prompted. 

When researching AAA’s course offerings, our team noted that not all locations listed have course availability. Check availability in your area via your course page’s drop-down menu or zip code when planning your driver’s ed or senior driver education experience. 

Registration Process

All course pages available through either of AAA’s online driver improvement programs direct users to a registration page. After creating an online account, users can pay for their course and begin learning. 

Refund Policy

Refund policies vary by course. 

Per the How To Drive Online landing page, supplemental, non-state-approved How To Drive Online courses carry the provider’s standard refund policy. The provider will issue a full refund to any student who cancels enrollment within 30 days of registering for the course and before attempting the course’s final examination. See AAA’s How To Drive Online landing page for more details. 

For state-approved courses with differing curriculums, cancellation and refund policies may vary. Check the How To Drive Online landing page for your state or location for more information.

Available Course Formats

AAA delivers all courses in the How To Drive Online and Roadwise Driver programs in an online, mixed-media format.  Courses offer a mixture of videos, synchronous presentations, learning modules or chapters, quizzes, and other interactive elements to maximize engagement and retention. 

Courses provided through AAA’s online driver’s ed programs use a self-pacing system, meaning learners do not need to complete the course in a single sitting. 

Course Length

AAA’s How To Drive Online courses vary in length from 25 to 30 hours. RoadWise Driver programs are typically eight hours in length, with a four hour refresher course available if necessary. Course length depends on state requirements and course availability in a given area. 

Mobile Accessibility 

Our team checked with AAA’s friendly customer service regarding mobile accessibility for their courses. At the time of this writing, AAA’s online driver’s ed classes provide compatibility with most mobile devices. However, their team recommends completing courses using a PC for the best user experience. 

About AAA

Founded: 1902

Headquarters: Heathrow, Florida

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating: A+

AAA is an organization of automobile enthusiasts and advocates that began as nine separate auto clubs that joined to tackle the goal of improving transportation for all Americans. Together, AAA members helped change how roads and highways were funded in America and helped improve access to safe transportation and roadways for more citizens. 

Over the years, AAA expanded to include member organizations across the country, with member services available in all 50 states. AAA offers online driver ed and senior driver courses to members and non-members, sometimes in partnership with other providers.  

AAA Reviews

Our team took a look at what AAA customers are saying about the company and their courses around the web. 

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

AAA’s Better Business Bureau accreditation is relatively new, with the company achieving this milestone in October of 2022. However, AAA does boast an A+ rating from the BBB and has a 100% response rate for customer complaints in their profile. 

Since AAA has many different member organizations and affiliations, their company BBB profile reviews may reflect dissatisfaction with services other than their online driver’s ed courses. 

Customer Reviews

Our team typically provides a run-down of a provider’s online customer reviews from sources such as Yelp and Google. However, AAA has many state or regional ‘clubs’ that make up the larger organization. For this reason, Yelp and Google reviews are unique to each state or region. 

To learn more about AAA courses, membership benefits, and more for your state, explore Yelp, Google, or other public review sites for your area’s dedicated AAA organization. 

AAA Driver’s Ed in Review  

Whether you’re looking for the best online driver’s ed courses for your teen or want to catch a discount on your insurance as a senior driver, make the most of your experience by shopping around. 

While most AAA driver’s ed courses work only as supplemental education, both their How To Drive Online and Roadwise Driver programs provide valuable information to help drivers of many ages make the most of their time behind the wheel. 

For information on other providers or to learn more about state-approved online driver education courses, check out our roundup of the best online driver’s ed courses today.

Frequently Asked Questions About AAA Driver’s Ed Courses

What is AAA defensive driving?

AAA offers two driver safety courses to teach defensive driving strategies to teens and seniors. AAA How to Drive Online is a driver’s ed course for new drivers, and RoadWise Driver is a program for mature drivers to learn about safe driving as they age.

How long is the AAA defensive driving course online?

The length of AAA defensive driving courses may vary depending on location. How to Drive online is typically 25-30 hours and RoadWise Driver is typically eight hours to start with an optional four hour refresher course.

Is there a AAA how to drive book?

AAA does have student and teacher materials available for purchase on the AAA Driver Training website, including textbooks and guides available for purchase. Students can take courses fully online, however, with all materials covered in the cost of the course. 

Is there a AAA driver safety course near me?

Visit the course websites to find out about AAA course availability near you. AAA offers courses in most states, with state-approved driver’s ed programs available in some locations.