New Fisker Debut Is Scheduled For Frankfurt

After numerous delays, 2011 is the year Fisker’s Karma has gone into production. The first one was delivered late last month to Ray Lane, Fisker’s Chairman of the Board and a Silcon Valley Investor.

Production for the car is scheduled to ramp up all throughout the year, and existing orders on the books should ensure a waiting list until late next year. Fisker is progressing fast – it first began as a coach building operation, basing cars off the BMW 6-Series and Mercedes-Benz SL. That chapter of the company’s history is over.

Despite just starting production of its first real production model, it is looking forward to the future with Project Nina, and a new Karma model set to debut at next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show.


The report comes from British magazine What Car? and is supposedly direct from Chief Executive Officer Henrik Fisker. The vehicle debuting next month would be a “mix of a sporty estate and SUV.” Sounds like a crossover to us.

Other tidbits include an effort to expand the appeal of the Karma lineup – including a folding hardtop version, dubbed the Karma S. The company already showed a concept model of that vehicle. A new all-wheel drive model is also in the works, as well as a new two-speed transmission designed to increase efficiency over the current cars direct drive unit. Project Nina, the low cost effort, is also on track for a debut in late 2013.

The crossover being shown at Frankfurt is allegedly based on the Karma, and What Car? says it will go on sale in 2012. Given Fisker’s history of delays, that seems highly doubtful – it is more likely the car will be a concept preview, if anything. Regardless, our curiosity is piqued. it’ll be interesting to see what new Fisker model is shown next month.

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