C7 Corvette to Offer Small, OHC V-8

There is no shortage of rumors surrounding the iconic Chevrolet Corvette. For years we have heard about radical changes to the car, most of which have never panned out. Yes, the ZR1 (formerly referred to as “Blue Devil”) did materialize but, overall the Corvette has remained evolutionary.

With the current C6 Corvette nearing the end of its lifespan, attention has turned to the car’s replacement. Once again, (untrue) rumors of a mid-engined C7 have come out.

One thing that did come right from General Motors North American President Mark Reuss is that the car will “target a very different sort of buyer.” That’s an interesting statement. The Detroit Bureau says it has the scoop on what the change of buyer will entail in a practical sense.


In Europe, exotic manufacturers used to offer highly-efficent small-displacement engines With the latest vehicles from Ferrari and Lamborghini engine sizes have been steadily creeping up, but this isn’t how it always was historically. With a new focus on efficiency and reduction in emissions by these manufacturers, we could see smaller engine.

The Detroit Bureau is saying the next-generation Corvette will have a range of engines that includes a small 3.0-liter (!) V-8 engine making over 400 horsepower. The new V-8 would be a free-revving, turbocharged overhead cam unit unlike the pushrod V-8 in the current car.

The changes are supposedly part of an effort to make the Corvette more up to date, and therefore attracting a different type of buyer. The large, pushrod V-8s of the current car would apparently still be available.

One thing we are definitely certain of with the C7 Corvette is that the interior will be much-improved. GM’s head of design Ed Welburn is overseeing the effort to make sure it is world-class. The interior of the current car is an area that has been criticized. As for this report, we aren’t quite sure what to make of it. It certainly seems like a big change from the approach of the current car so we’ll see if it pans out. For the most part, we expect the C7 Corvette will continue on an evolutionary path.