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Rent a Porsche: Hertz Expands Sports Car Offerings

As a stand-up person, you likely own a vehicle it fits your needs. If commuting to work, you will possess a reliable fuel-efficient car. If you have a family to move, you may opt for a minivan or a seven-passenger sport utility vehicle. For a company, a business car lease provides the transportation required for meeting people and honouring your agreements.

All and fine for fulfilling your motoring needs, our typical vehicles may fall short in providing the unbridled excitement defining true motoring. What if we could drive a late model Porsche for a weekend? For select United States markets in the states of California, Florida and Nevada, rental car company Hertz Corporation has added some of the finest current model vehicles built by the German sports car brand.

Part of Hertz’s vehicle line, the Porsche 911, Porsche Boxster and the Cayenne crossover vehicle can be selected for a Hertz rental. The Porsche vehicles offered through Hertz is said to retail between $50,000-$85,000 a piece. All three Porsche models will be equipped with the more fuel efficient six-cylinder powerplants.

These performance vehicles additions from Porsche join the four-door Panamera that Hertz had previously furnished to customers. Starting at cost of $250 per day on weekends, Hertz’s Porsche fleet provides performance fans with some serious road-going excitement.

A rental car agency in its 95th year of operations, Hertz Corporation has a history of providing more than basic econobox vehicles. In addition to the newly expanded line of Porsche vehicles, you can tempt your motoring appetite to other premium vehicles. Depending on state and rental office locations, you can even recent an Audi R8 or a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG through Hertz. In 2006, Hertz and Ford Motor Company entered into a deal where special Shelby Mustangs could be rented.

Consisting of a coupe and later a convertible variant, the Shelby GT-H models were constructed for the Hertz Fun Collection featuring unique graphics and the Ford Racing Handling Pack. This recent Ford program was a continuation of a Hertz’s “Rent-a-Racer” GT-500-H vehicles available in 1966. 500 examples of both the Ford Shelby GT-H coupe and convertible were distributed for rent through Hertz. In 2008, Hertz also rented out Chevrolet Corvettes branded as ZHZ painted yellow with a black stripe.

The Porsche 911, Boxster, Cayenne and Panamera are now available through participating Hertz outlets.


Information and photo source: Ford Motor Company, Hertz Corporation, Porsche Cars North America