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Roadmice Wireless Car Mouse Review

It has been eluded to that the younger people are not embracing car ownership with the same value as they did 40-50 years ago. Expense after expense, the need to live smaller in this current society, fortunately technology has grown more compact to grant otherwise immobilized individuals with the ability roam a virtual expanse.

Eager to apply my love for automobiles with my working lifestyle (where I write about automotive-related interests), a unique computer peripheral caught my eye. For the past 6 months, I have been navigating my computer with the Roadmice wireless car mouse.

Buying one of these dream cars as an early Christmas gift for myself when Rated Gamer Gear posted about a sale on the product, I had a choice of the Viper SRT 10, Nissan 370Z, Ford GT and the Jaguar XKR. Roadmice also offers the Chevrolet Corvette, Chevrolet Camaro, Lamborghini Murcielago and Chrysler PT Cruiser among their full product line-up.

Frankly, I would have been partial to a Chevrolet Camaro if one was available in store but c’est la vie. Taking about 20 minutes to deliberate on the style I wanted, I would chose the Viper SRT 10.

Buying mine through retail, Roadmice also provides an online purchase option where the full variety of their unique peripherals is sold. The wireless versions of the car-based computer mice sell for $39.95 or $49.95.

The set includes the car-based mouse, 2.4 GHz USB receiver and a protective cover for the Roadmice product. Roadmice also offers wired computer mice at a price of $19.95 for those willing to forego the flexibility of cordless interaction. I was able to buy just under $40 for my mouse in store after taxes and a nominal electronic recycling fee (that I strongly suspect is being spent all government executives could have a lobster dinner to decide what to do with the 5 cents).

However, the small fee was worth the puzzlement of the checkout clerk when she was trying to realize why an electronic recycling charge was added to the item. She didn’t realize initially it was actually a computer mouse. The Roadmice computer mouse products are incredibly well detailed to the form of their real-life inspirations. Tires, spoilers as well as every louver and air opening is accounted for on a Roadmice computer mouse.

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When I purchased my Viper SRT 10, I actually considered the ergonomics of each design. The Nissan 370Z was a little taller than the others and the Jaguar XKR was one of the flattest of the four I studied in store.

I found some of the vehicles were more natural choices as a computer mouse. I scratched the Ford GT off the list due to the large air outlets of the vehicle’s hood residing within the buttons of the Roadmice computer mouse. Even with the Roadmice Viper SRT 10, the high-detail appearance can be difficult to keep clean.


A Designer device compatible for PC as well as Apple MAC products, the Roadmice computer mice features two-buttons, a scrolling wheel and accurate optical sensing. It is best to keep the mouse on a smooth surface for the best performance.

Perhaps the most eye-catching detail is the functioning headlamps for the Roadmice vehicle. Illuminating in a bright blue, the lights can be turned on and off by a small switch on the bottom of the device. Frankly, I wished for a better location for the switch such as maybe a button on the rear license plate.

My only major quarrel with the Roadmice wireless car mouse is battery life. While the Roadmice website indicates that the two AA batteries can last up to 3 months in the mouse, I believe the forecast could be optimistic for most users.

Being a heavy user of my Roadmice wireless car mouse, I have never experienced a month without having to change the batteries at least once. Extending the battery life would require the minimal use of the headlamp effect. The Roadmice wireless car mouse includes an automatic shut-off after a certain time of non-use.

In six months with my Roadmice wireless car mouse, I give high marks to my Viper SRT 10 themed device. While clearly a premium product at its price point, Roadmice wireless car mouse is one of those times likely to be parked on any auto enthusiast’s desk.

Information source: Roadmice
Photo source: Chris Nagy

  1. Ha, cool, I was always wondering about these but never tried one. I always suspected the ergonomics of it and the inherent fact that it’s not shaped to the hand would prove tiring.

  2. Seems like a legit mouse. But with the tires on it will it be hard to move the mouse side to side?

  3. I loved my Lamborghini mouse till just a few days ago. Unfortunatley only a few days outside of the tiny 12 month warranty, it failed. Tsk Tsk.

    Waiting to hear from Roadmice to see if they can do something to help me out.


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