Prior Design’s BMW M3 E92 Wide Body Kit

PD bmw E92 widebody front side view 1

With celebrations set next year commemorating 25 years since BMW ingeniously outfitted their 3-Series with the performance gifts of M-line modifications, the modern BMW M3 has radiated Bavarian brute. Motivated by a 414 horsepower V-8 engine in 2011, the BMW M3 performance stature and shear elegance makes the under $70,000 ‘ultimate driving machine’ enviable even compared to vehicles north of six-figure price tags. Seen as a bargain through that realization, the BMW M3 is still out of reach for too many BMW lovers. Fortunately, aftermarket company Prior Design has devised an appearance package which will make even a base BMW 3-Series E92 masquerade as a cherished M3.

Tailored off of the BMW M3 GT2 sports car, Prior Design exterior enhancements replicates the wide-body stance. Made out of Duraplex (a resistant acrylic material), The body kit’s first noticeable trait extends fender flaring around the wheels created by a series of mudguards adding a few centimeters to the BMW 3-Series stock width. Another major aesthetic piece is the replica M3 GT2 hood completed with similar intake placements.

Assembling the look of the factory BMW M3, front and rear bumper/fascia pieces leaves a project 3-Series glimmering with a rich race-bred persona. Side skirting, front spoiler lip, rear diffuser along with a rear deck and roof spoiler concludes to modifications brought to the BMW 3-Series thanks to the Prior Design body kit.

Away from just skin-deep enhancements, Prior Design has met their M3 clone body kit package with a stainless steel exhaust system. Able to be fitted to all 3-Series excluding 335i models, the four-tailpipe setup pays respect to the BMW M3. Prior Design met with Kamp-Lintfort to provide a KW suspension lowering kit to their BMW M3 replica.

PD bmw E92 widebody rear view

Upon purchasing the BMW E92 3-Series, Prior Design body modifications is priced at 5,436 Euros (just under $7,400 converted into American dollars) not including painting and labour. The exhaust system adds another 1,499 Euros to the cost. Missing out on the BMW M3’s 8-cylinder powerplant, the look-a-like vehicle by Prior Design costs a fraction the retail price for a genuine, new M3 car.

Some purest of the German super sports car are ready to take exception to this M3 replica. To the defense of Prior Design, they freely admits their 3-Series body kit creates a clone of the BMW M3. While nothing compares to an original, the Prior Design BMW 3-Series upgrades could be considered an original in its own rights.

Information and photo source: Prior Design, XMedia-Group