Porsche Debuts 918 RSR

A lot of news coming out of Porsche lately hasn’t exactly been the stuff enthusiast dreams are made of. Things like a Panamera V-6, Panamera Hybrid and announcement of a smaller “Cajun” crossover to slot in below the Cayenne.

One thing that did make waves though was the 918 Spyder hybrid that debuted at the Paris Motor Show. Since then, rumors have swirled consistently about a production model of that car.

In August, it was reported that the Porsche board approved it for limited production. Most of the rumors since have swirled about the production model debuting at the North American International Auto Show.


We don’t mind too much though, because it is an amazing concept – and it only provides further evidence Porsche is leaning toward production of the 918. The 918 RSR is a hardtop racing version of the 918 Spyder Concept.

The car is powered by a V-8 engine that alone produces 563 horsepower at an insane 10,300 rpm. The car utilizes a hybrid drive system though, which means there is more power on tap.

With a “hybrid” setup like the GT3 R Hybrid, the total for the system rises to 767 HP. The system is all-wheel drive, with electric motors powering the front wheels and the V-8 powering the rear. This is a hybrid we could get used to!

The 918 RSR used a lot of technologies from the 911 GT3 R Hybrid, such as regenerative braking. The RSR, like the GT3 R Hybrid, also ditches the passenger seat in favor of a flywheel that stores energy recouped during braking. This power is available in short bursts via a button on the dash. We’re sold! We can’t wait to hear more about a production model.