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Porsche Adds 911 Powerkit for 2013

The latest 911 is the greatest 911. It is one of those iconic cars that just gets better over time, in a class of its own. And, of course, it is the only car sold in the United States with the engine in the back. Back to the point though, for 2013 the 911 has gotten further improvement. The 911 was all-new for 2012.

The main deal with it is the PowerKit upgrade. Unlike other kits like this, this is a substantive change to the engine rather than a software tweak. Software changes are in vogue in the automotive industry right now; Volvo has focused on it the most with Polestar, and BMW has gotten in on it with Powerkits of its own.

Porsche PowerKit 3

The 911 Powerkit gets reworked engine components. New cylinder heads and camshafts, an extra radiator for boosted cooling capacity, and a new variable resonance intake system make up some of the changes. Also new is a freer-breathing exhaust system with quad tailpipes out back. The changes are a good for a boost of 30 horsepower, to 424 hp (up from 394). 0-60 now arrives in 4 seconds flat, a 0.1 second boost over the 911 with Sport Chrono package. These numbers are for the 911 equipped with the dual-clutch PDK transmission. Top speed is also up by 3 ticks, to 190 mph.

More than just a power upgrade, PowerKit also includes the Sport Chrono package. Carbon fiber elements and logos round off the changes. Also with the PowerKit is a new aerodynamics package that makes the 911 more aggressive. The front fascia extends lower and features larger intakes. The biggest noticeable difference would be the rear spoiler. PowerKit makes for a nice substantive and visual upgrade for the 911 that doesn’t go too over-the-top. That mission will be left to versions like the GT2 and GT3 later on in the 911’s product cycle. Pricing and availability information should be forthcoming.

  1. what i love about porsche is that they keep the original looks on all of their cars!

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