Peugeot 308 rap

Haters gon’ hate when we cruisin’ round in our 308

Peugeot 308 rap

This is the first, and probably last rap video about a Peugeot. Our friends over at Car Throttle have been producing some really good shows lately (seriously, go check them out,) and their latest is a hilarious rap song about their “‘8 with its fine looking ass.”

We don’t get the 308, or any Peugeot for that matter in the States, but think of it as another car in the same class as the VW Golf, Mazda 3, etc.

Check out Car Throttle’s rap video/review of the Peugeot 308 below, and below that, you’ll find the lyrics to the song. Let us know what you think!

I was sitting on the couch when my mum came in
“Son make me proud or I’ll do you in”
So I picked up my band and my Nike creps too
Bust through the front door to go see my crew

I was jogging down the street when out the corner of my eye
I saw a pretty little 308 passing me by
I said to myself “that’ll show my mum”
She’s always liked the sound of that French hum

I jogged up to the field and looked through the grass
And there was the ‘8 with its fine looking ass
The label on the top “two, one seven, nine five”
Hell no am I paying that while I’m still alive

Do you rate? Do you rate? Do you rate my 308?
Do you rate? Do you rate? Do you rate my 308?
Lookin’ fly. Don’t you hate. When we cruising in our 308.

I went out to the barn to go see my ride
My lil’ blue Combine Harvester wasn’t inside
I threw my arms up straight into the air
Dropped down to my knees to say a lil’ prayer

I need a new ride, a sick whip for the babes
So I logged onto CarBuzz dot co uk
I clicked ‘buy it now’ and ordered it then
Finished off my prayer and whispered A-men

It turned up on the drive the very next day
I shouted out loud, ‘man that shit cray’
1.6 litre, 200hp’s
Dawg that so boom for a farmer like me


So I’m chilling in my bed, I was all tucked up
Downed a pint of milk, nothin’ left in my cup
The music’s real smooth, vision starts to fade
I started dreamin’ of a car… it’s a 308!

The GT package looks extra fly
Twin chrome exhausts, yeah they make me cry
But I wanna sick whip, so the honeyz show love
And at the end of the day, I’m still rockin’ a Pug.

The 62 run, it’s surprisingly gas
Under 8 seconds, on the sporty French dash
I ain’t made of p’s, I see a blue sheep
Then I finally clock, that I’m still fast asleep


Cruising round the hood, in my ‘05 wheels
Don’t hate on my Focus, it was quite a steal
Chillin’ with ma bois in the back of my hatch
Car pulls up, “oh my days, what a catch”

I love the stick shift, six gears in my hand
Dem LED lights, you’d say I’m the man
But economy’s weak, petrol costs top dollar
40 miles per gallon, diesel engines just ‘Holla’!

Turn ESP off, and I can act like a hoon
It’s got Bluetooth too, so I can blaze my tunes
I like the black rims, but they easily ignored
And for that many p’s, I’m goin’ back to my Ford

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