PapaGo P3 Dash Camera 1

PAPAGO P3 Dash Camera Review

PapaGo P3 Dash Camera 1
PAPAGO P3 Dash Camera Review
Safety Features
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PapaGo P3 Dash Camera #1

Dash cameras are becoming more popular these days for both the daily and professional driver. They can protect you by recording vital footage in the event of a hit and run.


Imagine a less than honest person on the corner and you are at a stoplight.  As it turns green, they jump deliberately in front of your car and although you hit the brakes, there is nothing you can do.

Pretty soon, you end up in court trying to defend yourself but can’t totally prove you didn’t hit them.

With a PAPAGO P3 dash camera, you could show the person was nuttier than a candy bar and was merely trying to fabricate the incident in order to sue you.

A dash camera can deter would-be snoopers around your car and in the case of the PAPAGO P3, provide a host of safety features.

PAPAGO P3 Features

Driving through busy, rush hour traffic is always tense, especially in an unfamiliar area.  The safety features of the PAPAGO P3 are what make this dash camera stand out in such situations.

PAPAGO P3’s Advanced Driver Assistance Includes:

  • Front Collision Warning System
  • Driver Fatigue Alert
  • Lane Departure Warning System

These features are often found on newer, more high-end cars but by comparison, the PAPAGO P3 is an inexpensive way to obtain this oftentimes life-saving technology.

Quite invaluable if you are driving an older or more base model vehicle.

Driving at dusk and during the late evening poses safety concerns as can driving on a cloudy, somewhat dark day. The PAPAGO P3 dash camera prompts you when headlights are necessary – very useful in these types of conditions.

Have a lead foot?  The PAPAGO P3 dash camera will encourage you to slow down and warn when speed cameras are in the area.

A Stop and Go reminder is also built into the PAPAGO P3 dash camera.

PAPAGO P3 Recording Capability

A G-sensor provides video backup if and when an accident happens.  In addition, The PAPAGO P3 dash camera includes a GPS sensor that monitors speed, direction, and dates of driving.

An on-board digital map gives you an idea of where you are, with the street names clearly listed on the screen.

Wide Dynamic Range and full HD 1080p video are supported for crystal clear recording.

And example of Wide Dynamic Range in the PAPAGO P3 dash camera.  WDR provides a clear picture in all types of light conditions.
An example of Wide Dynamic Range in the PAPAGO P3 dash camera. WDR provides a clear picture in all types of light.

PAPAGO P3 Applications

Truthfully, the sky is the limit and there are dozens of applications.

I use mine for protection, safety, and because it makes a good conversation piece inside my car when people ride with me.

There is an element of humor too, especially when recording yourself going through an automatic wash with big brushes.

Fleet operators and trucking companies have expressed a desire for dash cameras and it seems a budding market for PAPAGO.  Managers could archive the movements of their employees while protecting them and their cargo from reckless drivers and insurance fraud.

The PAPAGO P3 would be beneficial to either party, providing added security for people who literally make their living on the road.

PapaGo P3 Dash Camera #5

PAPAGO P3 Availability

Current listings on Amazon, Frys, Sears, and Staples show a range of $160 to $210 USD. Each dash camera is given a warranty and full instruction manual.  A complete FAQ section is also provided.

Set up is fairly simple although I would recommend placing it on the actual dash of your car.  The PAPAGO P3 can be mounted from the windshield but it is heavier than other dash cameras on the market.

My only issue with the device was when I had it attached to my windshield.  Going over a bump caused it to fall.

It should be noted, this did not actually damage the PAPAGO P3.  It worked fine when I secured it to my dashboard the second time.

PAPA GO P3 Specifications

LCD Display:
2.4? LCD panel 320 x 240 pixels resolution

Image Sensor:
Aptina 3.5 megapixels 1/3? CMOS sensor

130° wide viewing angle

Lens Structure:
Composed with 6 piece glasses and 1 piece IR filter

GPS Receiver:
U-blox 6 latest GPS module Ceramic antenna 25 x 25 x 4 mm

Yaw /Pitch / Roll G-sensor

Video Format:
1080p30 / .TS (AVC/H.264)

Storage Memory:
Class 6 or higher SD or SDHC card (8GB Min-32GB Max) *Please note that some cards may be incompatible- e.g., Sandisk.

HDMI 1.3

USB 2.0

LED Instruction Light:
Red and green indicator light

Power Supply:
12-24V DC input / 5V / 1A output

Power Consumption:
4.75V~5.25V /1A

Operating Temperature:                :
14°~149°F/ -10°~65°C

Storage Temperature:
-4 °~ 176°F

3.75? x 2.5?x 2.4?

0.3 lbs

Crazy drivers only come out at night.  Or in this case, the day.
Crazy drivers only come out at night. Or in this case, the day.

The rating scale of is based 1 through 5, with 5 being the best.

Special Thanks: Rachel Quaill, Marketing Representative – PAPAGO Inc.
Photos used with permission.