Our Visit to Foreign Cars Italia

Foreign Cars Italia outside

We were recently invited up to our local exotic car dealership to take a look around, chat up some of the staff, and take a spin in the new Ferrari California. Check out the 2010 Ferrari California Review and take a look at the pictures below for a look inside the Foreign Cars Italia showroom.

First up is the Ferrari California we drove:

Ferrari California black

And here is a red one that was in the showroom:

Ferrari California Red

And plenty more eye candy sitting around the showroom:

Ferrari 430 16M Scuderia
Ferrari 430 16M Scuderia
Ferrari 360 355
Ferrari 360 Spider and 355
Ferrari 348
Ferrari 348
Audi R8
Audi R8
Ferrari Testarossa
Ferrari Testarossa
Ferrari 360 Spider
Ferrari 360 Spider
Aston Martin DB9 Volante
Aston Martin DB9 Volante
Ferrari F50

Jaguar Century: 100 Years of Automotive Excellence

Ferrari F50 rear

Ferrari F50 tail

A few of the gorgeous Ferrari F50

Ferrari F40

Ferrari F40 side

A couple of the flawless Ferrari F40

Ferrari 355 Spider

Ferrari 355 side

Now that's a sexy Ferrari 355 Spider

And as a finale, something you certainly don’t see every day:

Ferrari F50 Enzo F40
Ferrari F50, Enzo, and F40

All three in flawless condition, sitting right next to each other.

Finally, inside the Foreign Cars Italia waiting area:

Foreign Cars Italia

Thanks again to Hank Carpenter and the rest of the FCI team!