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Nissan Nismo GT-R GT3 Is Race-Ready

Ford just released the 2013 Fusion NASCAR racer, and at the other end of the racing spectrum is Nissan with the Nismo GT-R GT3. In addition to being a video game favorite, the GT-R has a history in motorsports.

There have been a few different versions of the car tailored for different racing series around the world. Japan has a racing series called Super GT that the car competes in. Worldwide, there is the FIA World Championship which we all know of. These series are manufacturer-sponsored and they feature modified vehicles that aren’t available to the public. Until now that is. Private teams and track-day racers, you have your car. Just be prepared to shell out some serious dough.

The Nissan Nismo GT-R GT3 (what a name!) was developed by Nismo (hence the name) and JR Motorsports, who runs Nissan’s program in GT1. The Nismo GT-R is developed to meet GT3 specifications. Under the hood is the production car’s twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter six-cylinder, making 523 horsepower. That is down slightly on the 2012 production model’s 530 hp.

2012 Nissan-GT-R

The real changes don’t have anything to do with the power train though. Visually the aerodynamics package is the most noticeable – such as that protruding font splitter. Added scoops, vents flares and the like are all designed specifically to help aid downforce.

The huge rear wing also reminds us a bit of the outrageous ones we see thrown on little Hondas and Nissans. This one actually has a purpose though! Weight on the Nismo GT-R is down significantly, to just 2,866 pounds. That is a huge figure, and responsible for the much better figures this car will post. By comparison, the production GT-R weighs in at 3829 pounds.

The interior has been entirely decontented, with a roll-cage, racing seats, harnesses and the like taking the place of convenience items. An adjustable suspension and extra ventilation round out race-ready changes. Remember what we said about serious dough? The Nismo GT-R GT3 will set you back about $390,000 dollars at current exchange rates.