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Next-Generation BMW M3 Rendered

In October, BMW launched the sixth-generation 2012 BMW 3-Series. An evolutionary change, as always, is what is in store for buyers of the 3 when it goes on sale next year. With a track record of leadership, that is just what most are looking for. It remains to be seen if Cadillac will offer a strong challenge with the ATS.

BMW has followed its traditional launch pattern of debuting four-door sedan model first. The current coupe and convertible models will be sold alongside the sedan until they arrive, which is said to be sometime in 2014. An intrepid designer, 30-year old Jacek Kolodziejczyk of Iacoski Design, has created a very possible rendering of what that coupe could look like.

2014 BMW M4 22

The current E90 3-Series Coupe is styled differently than the sedan. With the previous generation 3, BMW began an effort to differentiate the lineup. The coupe has a different headlight and taillight design; it doesn’t just lose two doors. The proposed F30 Coupe design stays largely the same as the sedan.

That isn’t a bad thing, either. With an aggressive front end, the design the 2012 3-Series lends itself well to coupe. The rendered design is of the M3, which turns up the aggressiveness quotient even further. The F30 Coupe uses design cues from the 1-Series M, and the color is in the delicious bright blue that is quickly becoming an M staple.

As far as the production car, we think BMW will continue with an effort to separate the model lines. In fact, there is even word that they could be calling the coupe a 4-Series. Now that is a bad idea, because it would get rid of the M3 moniker. Perish the thought! We doubt that will happen. Until the real car arrives, check out Kolodziejczyk’s (we had to copy and paste that) vision of a future 3-Series Coupe.