Super Duty Trailer Reverse Guidance side view mirrors

New Ford Super Duty Has Eyes Everywhere

Eyes Open

When driving a heavy duty truck and pulling a trailer, it never hurts to have an extra set of eyes.  Or seven extra sets to be exact. Ford is introducing Trailer Reverse Guidance for the Super Duty, an available technology that uses seven cameras to more clearly see the conditions surrounding the truck.

It provides real-time coaching and guidance while maneuvering the trailer too. Inside, a color-coded bird’s-eye representation of the truck and trailer are displayed.

Yellow or red means the trailer angle is too tight with a risk of jackknifing.

20/20 Vision

Three of the cameras are specifically used for Trailer Reverse Guidance, acting as an enhanced rearview mirror. There is a tailgate camera that follows the trailer to help drivers as they maneuver in reverse. Two side-view cameras then shift the view of the trailer as the angle changes. And an available, customer-placed camera can be attached to the back of a trailer to increase visibility while backing up.

One of two patents pending on Trailer Reverse Guidance is a dynamic steering wheel icon. It indicates to drivers which direction to turn when trying to back a trailer in a straight. No word yet on if the F-150 will offer the technology – right now, it’s only for the Super Duty but I wouldn’t be surprised if that changes.

The video below shows more.

*Carl Anthony is Managing Editor of Automoblog and resides in Detroit, Michigan. 

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