Naomi II – Newest Supercar Look-Alike


I love seeing new supercars coming out, but many of the recent cars have been way too similar to existing vehicles. Yes, when you know a design works well aerodynamically, there doesn’t seem like much of a reason to “re-invent the wheel” if you will, but the least you can do is make your car different enough so when someone glances at it they don’t think it’s the car that “inspired” your design.

I’m specifically talking about a new Japanese supercar called the Naomi II. Based off of a Mazda RX-7, the Naomi boasts 300 horsepower with a weight of 1230 kg. Those certainly aren’t bad numbers, but why would I want a car that looks like it’s trying to be a Ferrari, Aston Martin, TVR, and a Jaguar at the same time?

Not that it’s a bad looking car, but just look at the resemblance to other supercars. The above picture looks an awful lot like either a Ferrari 550 Maranello, or the Aston-Martin look-alike Miata. The photo below looks like it’s trying to be a TVR:

Ohno NAOMI II rear

I’m sure it’s a cool car, it just loses some respect when the designers can’t do their job and make a unique looking vehicle.

Official Naomi Website