MyFord Touch, Car Computers Just Get Cooler

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Ford recently rolled out the new MyTouch system, and it has been garnering raves for what it could possibly bring to the automotive world. Essentially MyTouch is Ford’s Sync system on steroids, a Maxi-Sync, if you will. MyTouch seeks to blend Ford in vehicle features into a cohesive experience that will feature intuitive controls, more voice activation as well as interface personalization.

The interface for the MyFord Touch system are dual 4.2-inch LCD screens and a five-way button steering wheel controls and another 8-inch touch screen all controlled by simplified SYNC voice commands. MyFord will launch this year on 2011 Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX, and roll out in other FoMoCo products thereafter.

“MyFord delivers a premium interior experience that will help consumers fall in love with their vehicles again. It integrates all our signature features so customers will know exactly what they’re going to get in any Ford vehicle they may find themselves driving, no matter where they are in the world,” said Derrick Kuzak, Ford group vice president, Global Product Development.

Ford feels that this is a move that the company has to make, and that it is being driven by what consumers are suing outside the automotive world. The expectations of regular motorists have outgrown the conventional “button/knob/gauge” interface used for the past 100 years in cars, and most consumer and household electronics now feature colorful digital displays and multi- function touch-sensitive buttons.

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Combine that with the unavoidable trend in recent years that has seen a massive expansion in the variety of in-car communications, navigation and infotainment technologies consumers regularly use, and Ford thinks it’s time to get out ahead of the game.

“As we began developing MyFord’s capability, we saw this groundswell of new technology, new functionality and incredible capability opening up to consumers. It was readily apparent that unless we devised an intuitive interface to help drivers manage these capabilities, they could detract – and possibly distract – from the driving experience,” said Mark Fields, Ford’s president of The Americas.

After roll out in the 2011 Ford Edge, MyFord will be seen in the all-new 2012 Ford Focus for global markets. Ford says that by 2015, approximately 80 percent of their North American models are expected to have MyFord driver connect technology, with similar percentages predicted for the world market.

“We’ve developed an environment that will make every Ford vehicle feel like a Ford,” said Kuzak. “Across the country, across the globe, all of our products will have the same type of feel, making them instantly comfortable to the drivers who know and love them, and MyFord will become a key part of the joy of owning and driving a Ford product.”

So look for most of the Ford model range to have everything from HVAC to the radio to your iPod controlled by the new MyFord system. Below is a video showing the new system in action.

Photos: Ford


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