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“Most Powerful Ever” Ferrari F620 GT Set For Launch

The last mid-engined range-topping Ferrari was of course, the Enzo. The way Ferrari structures its lineup, a new mid-engined super exotic comes along every few years – it doesn’t keep one permanently in the lineup.As such the Enzo was limited to 300 units and it didn’t have an immediate replacement. Lamborghini on the other and has continued with the Murcielago and now Aventador, sprinkling in the Reventon in between for good measure.

Since the Enzo, the front-engined 599 GTO has taken top-billing as the fastest and most powerful car in the Ferrari stable. It replaced the Maranello and now its successor is on the way, bound for the Geneva Motor Show early next month. It marks a continued evolution of Ferrari’s heavily front-engined lineup that includes the California, FF, 599 GTB Fiorano, 599 GTO. The volume 458 Italia is the mid-engined standout.

The new car is set to dump the Ferrari naming scheme we’ve been used to recently, going for F620 GT, which likely indicates its power level. A V-12 (of course) will be under the hood, and Ferrari promises that the F620 will be its most powerful model yet. As far as styling, expect it to take strong cues from the FF, sans the large rear rump. While we love the FF, this will probably be more of a looker than that car. Geneva will be its first auto show appearance, but Ferrari will be showing it off before then on February 29th.