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Most Popular Car Names Revealed

Car Names

Some consider their vehicle a family member. I recently spoke to a gentlemen who defined his classic Chevrolet as such. Jonathan Orr, one of our contributors, suggests his beloved Prosche 911 is another child. He often recounts the story and how he felt the day it showed up.

I refer to most cars in the female sense as a sign of respect. Many car enthusiasts I know define unicorn cars, like a Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S, this way. There is a certain element of beauty to these cars that warrant they be addressed accordingly. In essence, we all have an “Eleanor.”

She (the car) is beautiful because her precision, power, performance, poise, and personality demand it. You don’t just drive a Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S or equivalent car – you develop a relationship with her that is mutually exclusive and monogamous. Once you take her steering wheel (her hands) you cannot let go of that true love.

Car Names #2

Our friends at Auto Nation conducted a survey to find the most popular car names. A poll of 2,500 people showed Betsy – or a variation of it – is the most preferred. Furthermore, 8 of the top 12 names begin with “B,” the majority also being female.

Very few guy names make the list although it might be safe to assume “Big Red” is male. My Ford trucks over the years have been called “Annabelle,” “Tiffany,” and “Juila.” My best friend from Iowa Western named his Ford truck, a red FX4, Scarlett, in honor of his crush on the Hollywood actress.

Have you ever named a vehicle? Does your current vehicle have a name?

  1. I’m not going to lie, I was a little worried that this was going to be a post to be about people named after cars. At first I was relieved it’s not, and then thought about how many people I know named Mercedes. I got a good laugh regardless, I think I’ve known several cars by most of these names!

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