Model X: Tesla Planning Crossover Debut Before January

Tesla Model S Concept 2009 1024x768 wallpaper 12

Tesla has been busy showing off the Model S Beta to assembled journalists and press. At the event the company revealed that a Model S Sport is in the works that will achieve 0-60 times of under 4.5 seconds.

The Model S is Tesla’s second model, after the Lotus-based Roadster, currently in iteration 2.5. While the Model S is not even on the road yet, the company is looking forward to its next model, the Model X. Is that the low cost $25,000 sedan? No, instead it is a luxury crossover based on the same platform as the Model S. Autocar reports it will see the its auto show debut at the North American International Auto Show in January, with a reveal taking place before then.


Rumors have swirled about such a Tesla crossover, but this comes directly from the top via Autocar – Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk. “The time is right to unveil the car,” said Musk. “I’ve seen the latest design for it and I’m very happy with it.” If it looks like a crossover version of the Model S, we’d be very happy with it indeed. The platform Tesla has developed for the Model S is modular, meaning that Tesla can build a variety of models on it, even on the same assembly line. Tesla manufacturing boss Gilbert Passin says “We can build many models on the same line….the Model S is just one ‘top hat’ on a platform that is very modular. All our pressing modules are very adjustable and we’re working on improving that flexibility even further and making it faster at the moment.”

That flexibility and ability to respond to market demand is highly important. It means new variants can be developed quickly, and production adjusted to respond to what the market is wanting. All under one roof too, something that would have been unheard of a few years ago.The Model S is being praised for its high levels of cargo space and the ability to carry seven passengers.

As a crossover, Model X should only take than even further. Could it be a seven-passenger crossover that actually has leg and head room for the third row? It is something a lot of people would welcome. As for a production date, sources have said 2014, although Musk isn’t talking about that at the moment – Model S remains the focus.