Misha Designs Porsche Panamera 2

Misha Designs Makes the Porsche Panamera Slightly Less Ugly

Misha Designs Porsche Panamera

Or depending on how you feel about body kits, slightly more ugly. There’s one thing we can all agree on, though. The Porsche Panamera, while a surprisingly capable performer, it’s not exactly the sexiest car out there. Even if you are OK with sports car companies making four-door sedans (not a big fan, myself,) the Aston Martin Rapide blows this thing out of the water in terms of looks.

That’s where American styling company Misha Designs comes in. At least for some. If you bought the fugly Panamera and are sick of people giving you funny looks while driving your $100,000+ car, or you’re just in the mood for something more aggressive, call these guys up and order a GTM body kit for it.

Misha Designs Porsche Panamera rear

The kit starts off with 22-inch Giovanna Mecca Concave wheels with wider tires, and the rest of the kit in a bolt-on ordeal. The new front bumper with lower carbon fiber lip spoiler (extra cost option) looks better and has a wider opening for more cooling and performance. Front fenders are wider as well, giving the car a more aggressive stance and helping a bit with aerodynamics.

The side skirts pull out the body and help the aesthetic flow into the rear bumper flares, which in turn wrap nicely around to the new, wider rear bumper with optional carbon fiber diffuser, which I suppose would be a must-have. They top it off with trunk and roof spoilers, which I’m not sure do much for the look but add to its aggressiveness.

There’s also an optional wide rear bumper with even wider rear fender flares, if you’re looking for something to take it to the next level. The two-tone paint job by JC Customs is easier to see in the other pictures below in the gallery, but on top of the matte gray paint job, add a thick black strip down the middle. It’s pretty subtle.

Check out the rest of the pics below and let us know what you think of the kit and whether or not it helps or kills the look of the Panamera.